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Bad trading experience


The robot advertises that has never lost a single trade. That's absolutely untrue. My first deal was a big loss of 650 pips. The program bought euros when that currency fell from a cliff. Besides, the program barely places an order. I gave up when the program did not placed a single order for 5 days. Yes, my Pc was turned on day and night. They at least refunded my expenses thanks also to Clickbank.


I have previously posted similar results from running the AutoCash Robot, including a new post yesterday, that has not been added to the main AutoCash Robot reviews section. Don't know why not? I mentioned in this 'missing' post that I had also tried the Mafioso Robot (I guess the name says it all), but alas, couldn't get it to function correctly, plus - had trouble trying to get vendor response to my pleas for help. It begs the question, is there any decent type of automated (robot) syatems available that work properlyv(meaning - make pips on long and short trades) and that are well supported by the designer/seller?


Forex-Auto-Cash is basically useless

Hi To any Newbies to Forex,
Do not try Forex Auto Cash (FAC) it ain't worth its money. I asked for a refund recently and these were the reasons:

Reasons for a refund:
1) FAC I received technical support that didn't work and a claim that it might be Vista's fault.
2) I was charged by MS to find out that the product will not be supported by 64 bit Vista.
3) The product owners claims of 100% profitable trades are basically false,
4) What is not shown in the advertising material is that a drawdown of almost $7000 to make $70 will occur.
5) I have not been able to operate the product without the product causing my MT4 trading platform to crash.
6) The trades that the product makes can get you into trouble with your brokers for what is known as scalping.
7) FAC have not responded to my technical enquiry to get it operating properly for 20 days.

If anyone else would like to add to these reasons feel free.


Forex Auto Cash

This has one fatal flaw which I have discovered to my cost. If you use it with a broker offering a 5 place spread (eg Alpari) it WILL NOT WORK despite the manual saying that it adjusts for this automatically.

The screen even says "operating in fractional pricing mode".

It worked initially, making very small profitable trades, but on three occasions made massive losses, wiping me out. Despite what it says, the programme does not recognise fractional pricing and in fact puts in a stop loss of 6500 points!

I had run it successfully on a demo trade, but Alpari was then only operating a 4 point spread. When it changed to 5 point, the programme said it had compensated, but it had not. The manual says it compensates automatically -but it doesn't.

I am now demo trading it on a 4 point broker to see if there is any difference.

Andrew Nicholas


6500 pip SL!?!? I guess that should improve the winning trade percentage, but those losers are REALLY going to hurt.