Forex Automoney won't cancel


In December 2009 I spent the $4.95 to "take a look" at Forex Automoney's system. I was told I had three days to cancel if I wasn't interested. I took this to mean 3 trading days, so I requested cancellation on the third trading day from my subscription date. A month later in January they charged my CC for $99.90. I went through the cancellation process again and sure enough, in Feb. they did it again. This has gone on month after month with the same result: NO CANCELLATION, no refund and a $99.90 charge on my CC. It happened again today, May 24th, 2010. That's five illegal charges of $99.90. AND THEY STILL WON'T CANCEL MY "TRIAL" or refund my money. It's getting to the point that it becomes economically feasable to pay my attorney 1/2 of what they've taken from me illegally. Is there anything I can do before it comes to legal action? They don't seem to have a phone number, so all my contact with them and clickbank has been by Email. Clickbank is in the middle of all this and, even though I have spoken with them on the phone, they always say they have notified Forex Auto money and they are taking care of the cancellation. Phew - I'm bushed, and upset.
Contact the fraud department of your credit card company immediately. Demand a "chargeback". That will cost them more than what they charged you.

If enough people demand chargebacks, clickbank will drop these guys like a hot potato and credit card companies won't let them accept cards directly.