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[FOREX] Beware - Roger Goh Kok Keong

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by Mr. A, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. Mr. A

    Mr. A Private

    Jan 2, 2011
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    Roger Goh has run away..

    He has ignored invitation from JFLennon's lawyer, my yahoo messenger, email to his 3gcapitalgroup email account.

    He still visits this forum, this can be proven that he has made his facebook account unavailable to non-facebook users.

    If people access from the link without signing in facebook :

    the page will go like this

    However if we access the link having signed in facebook, it will appear:

    Look how he is scared to delete all his publications and identity in the web. But guess what, I have printed-screen all the webpages before he thinks to delete them all.

    AsstModerator Note: 2011-06-28 FINAL WARNING - Mr. A., if you ever bump this thread again without adding useful content, the thread will be deleted and your FPA Forums account will be permanently banned. As I have carefully explained to you before, doing this without adding content is unfair to all the others who are actively keeping threads going with useful content. Deleting those useless posts also wastes time and effort.

    This is not the first time we have had this conversation. I also see another bump on page 8 in addition to the one I just deleted. I am now locking this thread for two months. Use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and send me a reminder after August 28th and I will re-open it.
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