Forex Billionaire ...??

There must be some Forex billionaire. I think they do not show off at the social media to sell their system or such. Forex trading is an opportunity to make money. Yes, it does need patience, knowledge, intelligence and hard work.
you are right the people who are achievers not show themselves their success stories. On social medias just propaganda is done to get more clients for trading. Forex is not a money making machine, you will make money as per your skill and success ratio. just wish to make 2+2=4 is not possible every time in trading.
Hello, excuse me , i want to ask about forex billionaire because in mycountry there are heat video about forex. The Youtuber is Businessman said that we cant become rich in forex and a lot of billionaire in the world are rich from stock

The questions are :
1. Could we become billionaire by forex trading ?
2. If we can what broker we could use to achieve that ?
3. If its impossible to become billionaire by forex trading, whats teh reason ?

Thank you
Depends upon your trading strategies and planning and how your trade goes
That`s why i really hate the fake marketers. Firstly, yes you can become at least millionaire. BUT it`s not easy, it`s not fast and it wouldn`t happen without a capital. My advice is to not think for the millions before you become educated about trading and get into it with some success.
Are there real forex billionaires? George Soros certainly thinks so.

Are there real forex billionaires advertising their services on YouTube, Telegram, Facebook, etc? If you think so, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn and some lovely wetlands in Florida I can sell you for an incredibly good price.

A real forex billionaire won't have time to hang our on social media offering service for fees. They can make more in a day than they can make with 10,000 clients paying monthly fees. Fake forex billionaires will charge anything from zero (either to make money on an upsell later or to make you sign up for a broker under their IB link, so they make money whether you win or lose) to insanely large amounts of money for courses, mentoring, and signals that are nothing but a way to suck money out of your wallet and enrich the guy pretending he's already got a billion dollars.

Even at the sub-billionaire level, once your account gets big enough, you need to dump retail forex. Your choices then are an institutional account (only at a very well regulated broker with a solid reputation or at a licensed bank) or else at a broker licensed to offer exchange traded futures. You can read what Sive Morton wrote about futures brokers here.

Is it possible to become a billionaire? Yes, but the more money you have to start with, the better your odds. No matter what the fake advertisements say, your chances of making a billion starting with a few hundred dollars are zero. Also, no one becomes a billionaire overnight. Even with a starting balance of 1 million, making a billion via trading takes decades of disciplined hard work, not years.

Great post. Im in the process of moving from a 5K account to a 10K account it ill take time to move forward but eventually in a few years the compounding effect will really come in
I've often wondered are any traders solely making their income from forex lest of all a bonafide Billionaire
In Portugal we had recently some guys in Youtube who were caught on scams. Fake courses, false promises and things like that.
Honestly i´m more scared of Brokers than Youtube fake millionaires. I mean, so many negative reviews.... I put 1000 Dolars on ICMarkets and i just want to start to make my money without any problems.
Do not pay attention towards such videos . You tube is a good way of promotion it does not means all the info that are shared on you tube is correct. People use social media for their benefit so that people are impressed by their shown millions of profit and join the brokers. Only realistic and reasonable earning is possible in forex not rush to become a millionaire.