Forex Boulevard from London is Scam

Depends on how and when you deposit. Chargebacks can be very effective against scammers. is scam. Their have a scam forex platform and your deposit in crude oil, and your trade lost all money in 24 hrs.
I am also the victim of this scam. They used the same tricks on me regarding crude oil. But I will not leave them alone. I will hunt them and will bring down their whole set up. I believe at there are at least 5-10 people involved in this scam. This is an organized gang. But I will bring down this whole set up. I am hoping, your money will be also recovered, just keep on checking the replies here.
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I agree they do have dummy platform. It is worst scam. But we should not leave them alone to play the games with other innocent people. We need to try our best on our own level to bring them to justice and to bring down their whole set up !
The above notorious website Forexblvd is registered just 5 months ago in Israel. They do have dummy platforms to cheat people.The victims may contact with Israel authorities.

Here are the information about the registrant of

Address HE BEEYAR 62TEL-AVIV, Israel
Phone: +972.442031937

Victims may file complain in UK

Victims should also contact WTO world trade organization.

Good luck every one
You left out the good part. The contact addresses on the whois info are at
I have traded Forex for about two years, I received a call from and so far they have been constant in itheir recommendation they have helped me recover from loses I acquired trading options, they have helped me grow my account and I personally think they are one of the only companies who care and show interest on the trader.