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Banned for posting fake reviews & using multiple f
Hi Rahman SL,
You are free to choose the company u need,
Iam not gonna recommend you for any company,
iam not here to recommend any company also,
Ive been with 9 brokers before, Live Accounts,
But Iam sure that ForInvest is the best Ive got, so far,
They have amazing execution, very fast execution,
I think they have some geniuses at their IT to have orders
executed such fast.
They did contact me several times, even their local agen
visited me at office, deposit/withdrawl within few minutes,
Iam so happy with them so far, If I find better broker i will move there,
but so far, I think ForInvest is the best I can get.



Forinvest Review

Dear Rahman

By the way I only use real scalping strategy based on 1 minute chart.

There are no difference between demo and real, as I have checked their IP layer.

If you are searching company registration, there are many company with name "Forinvest", some of them are closed (liquidated);
ForInvest FC- Active
ForInvest SW-Active
ForInvest Group-Active
ForInvest SA- closed(Liquidation)
ForInvest Feria-Active
ForInvest IMS-Active
ForInvest Switzerland SA- in liquidation
ForInvest IT-Active
ForInvest Cz-Active
ForInvest Sera-Active

Forinvest Group, also has incorporation in USA, based in DELAWARE ;
Forinvest LLC is located at 20801 Biscayne Blvd Aventura, FL 33180. Forinvest LLC was incorporated on Tuesday, August 12, 2003 in the State of FL and is currently active. Ricardo Scheinkman represents Forinvest LLC as their registered agent.

State of Record: FL State Reference ID: L03000029636 Registered Agent: Ricardo Scheinkman
20801 Biscayne Blvd Ste 403
Aventura, FL 33180 File Date: 8/12/2003 Active: True Filing Type: Florida Limited Liability

ForInvest is a major Forex Broker in the world with total assets of EUR 4.16 Billion
as of June 30, 2009.
We have built a very strong reputation in the industry, and created new standards
of accuracy and credibility that left our competitors behind.


Hi aristrader & SwissAdvisor,

Hmmmmmm, 1 minute chart on real scalping strategy yah? Guess it worked out pretty well for you. I dis scalping too, but it gets tiring after some time.
ForInvest Group is a separate company by itself; right? And their address is as registered in Switzerland, as on their web site, they mentioned they are located there. How long is the company established? I failed to find that on their web site.

EUR4.16 Billion total assets; yah! Why didn’t they put that on their web site along with their registered address and other details which you have so kindly provided here??
Ok, just assume they are a great forex company & legitimate, but still that does not answer my one single question which is:

I am really2 puzzled how come ForInvest, being “Broker of the Year 2009” (as stated on their web site), have so few (almost nil) reviews about them in the internet? Just point me to a site in the entire internet where I can read some reviews about ForInvest Group. It really is that simple, but yet I can’t seem to get any real client to give the thumbs up or down (as the case may be) to ForInvest. You really cannot fault me for being suspicious of a company which is quite mysterious.

To quote you: “We have built a very strong reputation in the industry, and created new standards of accuracy and credibility that left our competitors behind”.
This I find even more puzzling because on the on start of my forex trading journey, I have visited, participated, and posted in quite a few forex forums, but yet, not once have I read of anyone mentioning ForInvest in any of the discussions.
If ForInvest really “created new standards of accuracy & credibility that left competitors behind”, surely their name would have been popping up all over the forex forums, including this site; right? I have left similar questions about ForInvest in other forex sites, but to date I got nothing.
If you, and a couple more guys in here, have not post a reply here, I would have given up on my search on ForInvest.

Anywhere, thanks for the additional info provided.



Banned for posting fake reviews & using multiple f
Who cares of what u r thinking??!!
Ive told everybody, if I find a better broker i will go there,
But for now, Iam with the best available broker, ForInvest Group.
If u dont like us dealing with forinvest, so gives a ****,
take or leasve it.
unless u tell me whats ur favorite company, maybe that broker u keep promoting for in all websites,, shaaaaame!!!!


Whoooo Swiss Advisor,

For a forex trader, you seem to get very upset about my comments regarding ForInvest. Makes one to think you are an employee or is affiliated with them.

In case you forgot, this is Forex Peace Army which is out to expose SCAMMERS and your crude remarks put ForInvest very much in the radar screen.

Your compatriot, a Mr. Mark Zwahlen (with pretty bad English too) had some pretty strong remarks about me in another Forex site 100ForexBroker and even asked the administer to stop me from posting anything about ForInvest.

This makes me really wonder what ForInvest have to hide?

All I am asking is aditional information on ForInvest as I find their trading platform very fast in executing trades and that I would like it as a broker if I can have more information on them, especially from real live clients.

You, Swiss Advisor, is obviously either working for them or is affiliated with them.

Why are you, and your Mark Zwahlen, so upset with me for wanting to know more about ForInvest????

Most other reputable Brokers have representative(s) answering queries openly in forum such as FPA and elsewhere, but ForInvest seem to avoid radar detection by commenting harshly to question about them.

What exactly are you people hiding and don't want Forex Traders to know about the company???


Banned for posting fake reviews & using multiple f
The same Malawayen guy,,
Malawayen guy,
I wonder whats your purpose behind this,
Iam only a trader who uses ForInvest as his broker,
I did that after 7 years of searching for a broker,
ForInvest Meets them all, If you know some better company,
plz guide me to.
anyway, It is silly reading your posts,
But as you are a "Malawayen", from Malaysia,
Several resources informed me that ForInvest is No. 1 in the FarEAst,
In Indonesia, they have more than 40'000 clients.
In china, 26'000 clients....I dont have any figures for Malyasia,
but I think its a matter of time for them to show up in your bed over night, Nightmares,, forInvest ; Forinvrest Oooooh ForInvest. :)
Wish you the best dude,
In your demo trading, as you won the best demo trader in the pat 100 yrs :)


Swiss Advisor…You claimed you are only a trader who uses ForInvest as his broker?? You think we are stupid like you or what? Your bloody writing smack of an employee or a partner. There is no such loyalty to any broker as you tried so hard to portray in your posts.

If you are a client, seems like you are the ONLY person (apart from last month’s Demo Account winner aristrader) in the entire web defending ForInvest. Where the hell are the “other”65,000 clients of ForInvest or rather “approaching 200,000 clients” as you first claimed? Why the huge reduction in clients?? Already being Abandoned already??

Must be some crappy company to be abandoned by such huge numbers of clients in a matter of 3 days from the date you posted on 23/Jan/2010 claiming “We are crossing our 200'000 clients now!”.

And "Broker of the year 2009"??? Right! Broke, or like bankrupt, of the year 2009 might be closer to the truth. And for a company claiming “total assets of EUR 4.16 Billion”, they sure are scraping the bottom of the barrel in hiring guys like you. What’s your position there?? Public Relation Officer?? Seem to suite your uncouth manner and behavior in this forum to the bone.

Don’t worry my man, I will keep on investigating your company ForInvest until I get to what you guys are actually up to. And more than likely, you can probably bet your last pip on this, you will land up in this FPA site under section: Scam Resolution.

Do you know your behavior has caused ForInvest to be under the radar screen now, and you will see more of ForInvest in other Forex sites too? So be grateful that ForInvest will be well known to other forex traders soon…but for the wrong reasons!

You asked “I wonder what’s your purpose behind this?.To be perfectly honest, I found ForInvest trading platform execution to be much faster than other forex brokers that I have been testing in Demo. And I have stated this in this forum and elsewhere.
All I wanted was to find out more about ForInvest before deciding whether to sign up as my real Live broker. But, suddenly, you ForInvest guys are jumping all over me, terminating my Demo account with ForInvest, and being totally unprofessional and very, very defensive and childish. Only people with something to hide gets defensive and you guys in ForInvest are exhibiting more than the normal aggression, which translate into that you are hiding something.

For what’s it’s worth, if ForInvest is really an above board legitimate broker company, then my sincere apology for my suspicion and I will write this openly in ALL the other forex forums. But so far, you guys are exhibiting guilty symptoms and which perhaps Forex Peace Army should have cause to investigate further into this company TO FIND OUT EXACTLY WHO AND WHAT is ForInvest Group.

Cheers, and all the best!


Master Sergeant
I agree with your "instincts" on this one

RahmanSL I agree with your feeling on this bro-WE ARE WATCHING this "Broker?"
Keep up the "hunt" and report back often-If they are POS sh_t broker, it wont take long to discover-as disgruntled ex-clients of ANY scam broker end up here eventually.


John Rice

I Do Not Understand All The Problems Here. Sounds Like Yall Should Go To Your Own Email, And Battles This Out. We Do Not Know Much About The Company, But I Been Trading With Them With A Live Account.i Have Made Dep And Withdraws And They Where Varry Fast. All My Emails Or Answer. We Are Given This Broker A Bad Rap, Because We Do Not Find The Info We Are Looking For.i Wonder To Why There Not Much About Them On The Internet. I Have Gone To There Site There Two Addres With Phone Numbers, Plus A Office In Florida And Other Us Cities.i Am Not Saying They Are Not A Scam, But Intil Someone Can Profe It To Me, I Am Going To Enjoy Trading With Forinvest, With There Fast Exucutins My Ea, News Trading On The Spike Are Working Great With Good Profits.


Master Sergeant

I like rice with a little gravy on top. I dont wish another crap broker on anyone. I sincerely hope this isnt one of "those". Time will tell-for sure. And NO-we will be discussing any and all things Forex(including this Broker) here on this forum(thats what this website does!). Post the good too. Anyone-I mean anyone who has been involved in Forex more than 10 minutes knows the crap Brokers far outweigh the decent ones. Not finding ANY information on a Broker/Company is a RedFlag-IMO. And 1 or 2 post wonder Traders w/o any useful info ARE suspect as well-IMO. I have never heard of this Broker till this thread appeared. That doesnt mean they are a scam-but-after 5 years in the Forex trenches-and having never heard of them-that raises yet another Flag. :shocked: