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I am not sorry-just ever vigilant

In the world of Investmentments(especially Forex) IMO- ALL BROKERS ARE GUILTY UNTIL THEY PROVE OTHERWISE. Only a lengthy track record of good customer service will suffice to convince-again-IMO. I have lost count of the number of Brokers (and their defending employees) that promised the world only to vaporise (along with their client's funds) a short time later.This very website is littered with their wreckage. This is the environment that has evolved over the last 2 decades in Forex. The very poor perception of all things Forex was NOT caused by the Forex traders-but by the endless procession of shady brokers/owners/employees. If this company is one of those-you came to the wrong forum. If ,however, you speak the truth-that will be found out too(after a certain amount of time). And if your words are true-welcome to one of the best Forex Forums around and wish everyone there a long and prosperous career.:)


Well, Ive been away for a while,
Its really amazing that someone
calling him self a pharaoh and acting like a dead pharaoh.
You keep posting for that "broker" you are affiliated with,
working as an agent for.
and anyone saying something against your thoughts, is just
a scam, so funny.
I'm not posting for any broker. I just call them like I see them. What broker do you think I'm pushing? I didn't even bother saying which broker I checked with regarding misleading statements about PayPal that seem to be from ForInvests. I'm the one who wrote the very lengthy article about how to select a broker that's right for individual traders. In it, I openly state that there is NO broker that's right or everyone. Whenever anyone asks about a broker, I point them to that method of broker selection. I fully expect 20 different people who follow my method exactly to end up at 8-12 different brokers. Of course, since you are only here to post ads for the broker that pulls your strings, you would rather hurl unsupported insults than answer direct questions like:

1. Where are you? I'll bet a pile of pips that you aren't in Switzerland. You have a lot of nerve insulting my forums name when I'll bet anything that yours is deliberately misleading.

2. Why did the one and only broker you promote lose their PayPal abilities? Don't waste my time with another PayPal shut down all brokers last week. ANYONE can call or email PayPal directly and verify that isn't true.

3. Can you give a link to ANY reliable site showing ForInvest winning any award in 2009? A quick google search shows they got nominated and lost.

4. Where is ForInvests really based? The nominations for Broker of the year were being pushed by people saying it was in Jordan. Also, if it's FINMA regulated, please give some proof besides your good word for it.

So, overall the facts seem to be pointing towards a scam, but not from my end.

I Am Checking With Paypal And I Field A Complaint With Them. Waiting For A Answer But I Wast My Time I Forgot You Have All The Answers . So If Anyone Says Something You Dont Like The Witch Hunts Is On ,
Since when is checking simple facts a witch hunt? You are pushing a broker with false claims of awards on it's site (easily verified via google) and posted something that PayPal denies (easily verified by PayPal).

There are a few countries with PayPal restrictions, but for the most part, it's international. I've moved money between the USA and UK, USA and China, USA and Turkey, USA and Israel, etc., etc.

If the broker told you that PayPal was shutting down all funding and withdrawals from forex brokerages, then THEY LIED TO YOU.

Checking facts is Due Diligence. Anyone who just swallows whatever a broker has on their website and whatever their drones post in forums without checking is just asking to get scammed. If you've really been around the FPA as long as you say, you should have figured out that people like Swiss-Advisor aren't always telling the truth.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
John Rice,

I see you have been a member of the FPA for some time. You would have more credibility if your first posts in all that time didn't include an IB link of a broker. Links like that are permitted in the Commerce Zone, but do not label you as a neutral observer. Posting incorrect information about PayPal provided by a broker also does not help your credibility.

Are you an IB for ForInvests? There's nothing wrong with being one if you are honest about it.


You and KingSO are registered from the same location. I now see a review in the moderation queue for left from the same location. That review claims to be from an Agush Almieda, Indonesia.

In that review, he now claims that ForInvests is moving away from Switzerland and is getting registered with the FSA in the UK.

The review, the forum accounts, and the forum posts of your two accounts are all from Jordan.

I've banned KingSO's account. Swiss-Advisor, I'll leave account functioning for now so that you can answer Pharaoh's questions and explain yourself.

Swiss-Advisor, this is your one chance to come clean and gain some credibility for your company. Tell the truth and answer all the questions raised in this thread. If you give any more false or misleading information, I may have to turn the whole thing over to the FPA's Scam Investigations Committee.

MarkZ scam broker rep - BANNED

Dear Sirs,
Thank you all for your care to post about our company, ForInvest.
Its Mark Z, The IT Manager at ForInvest Group.

Well, ForInvest was established in the year 2003,
in DE, USA. The same year had its corporate office in FL, USA
Within 2 years later, in 2005, moved its operations to Europe through its subsidiary in Switzerland, in which the company registered and regulated by
SFDF, SFBC and ARIF. The same year, the company has its " International business Unit" in Cyprus.
As of 2005, ForInvest built a very wide network of agents worldwide, Except North America, as Company's Policy was not to deal with private clients.
The Focus was on the Far EAst, West Africa and Middle East., Where we have
almost more than 80% of our clients.
In 2009, The administration was changed, new polices were applied, focus turn to new markets such as Europe and North America.
And focus turned to UK to be the headquarter of company's operations worldwide.. No more 'Swiss anything", Swiss stuff does not meet company's future expansion.Just to tell that; all swiss licences are fake,
Swiss regulations are fake regarding forex, its all about to pay the fees and the tax , and be MLA affiliated, otherwise, you can do whatever to your clients, even if you liquidate them all and got their money out, its ok as long as you the tax!!!
As of December 2009, the lawyers had applied for the FSA, which for your
info, is the ONLY real licence and protection for Forex, Traders and brokers.
The Company has 67 employees world wide, 11 Divisions, The shareholders
are pointing to raise capital up to $80 million US. dollars in June 2010.
Has 8 years of forex brokering services, and has a Monthly trading
competition, in its 19th round right now, with 57 winners from 36 different countries, all of them got their prize, the sum of USD 10'000 in each competition, and we are a head of our 200K clients, Withdrawals paid
in 2009 topped $60 million
our main quote:
"At ForInvest;our mission is:
Financial Innovation, Business Integrity and Client Satisfaction."
Now, I'll pass through your posts here. Thank you all, those who post For or Against ForInvest, as in both ways, as you all marketing ForInvest.

I wonder how can some members here could judge, while they don't have live accounts, or any of their families or their friends, but we know very well that one or two members are affiliated with some broker, and they keep posting against other brokers "innocently"!!!
Thats all up to here.
Wish you all good luck and great trading profits.
P.S. every single word mentioned here is fully documented and approved.

One more thing, this for the Administrator of this forum, to move this comments in "Reviews", as I couldn't post there.
I've got all information about that german guy, Mr. Peter W, from
Mr. Scheffer, The "Back Office" Manager.
Mr. w deposited $800 gross by Paypal, then his net deposit $768.5.
His trading was ended with a sum of -$89 (loss), including commission,
he ordered to withdraw all available balance, within 4 minutes the amount was in his Paypal account.
Well, although this trader has claimed some trouble with ForInvest, but he rated 2 stars, THIS HAS TO ANSWER ALL WHAT SOME WERE POSTING HERE OR THERE.


Master Sergeant
We will see?

First of all , thank you ernest8fingers for your support. I was beginning to wonder whether I really am in the wrong for merely asking more info on ForInvest in the first place.

That guy calling himself Swiss Advisor is obviously an employee/partner/owner of ForInvest, and now, through his own admission, one of their Dec’09-Jan’10 Demo competition winner, aristrader, is an employee of ForInvest. As for the other two commentators in this post, I am still chewing over that.
But I do know that Swiss Advisor posted in another forum under the name Mike Zwanhlen (African) and says he is IT Manager of ForInvest. Same writing style, and same bad English, so same person.

If any of thes Clients here are for real, they really seem to be “exceptionally loyal Clients” who are willing to bash anyone for "merely asking” for more information on ForInvest. This stinks of an attempt to hide something and do not want potential clients, or anybody for that matter, to know more about them.

As they claimed to be DE, USA registered, I think I might waste some of my staffs' precious time to probe around there and check them up with the registering & governing bodies and see what I can find under all that pile.

Hmmmmmm, stranger and stranger this ForInvest! In over 100 countries and yet so few heard or know of them...hmmmm!

Hi Mark-Welcome to the forum. It was this phrase in BOLD"Hmmmmmm, stranger and stranger this ForInvest! In over 100 countries and yet so few heard or know of them...hmmmm![/QUOTE]" that really says it all-IMO. Just so YOU know(for future reference) more than a few scam BucketBrokers have used the "Delaware" incorporation as a "virtual" office location. Just that raises an eyebrow for any seasoned forex trader in search of a Brokerage. And the fact that this company is unknown in the USA up till now-raises the other eyebrow. No one one here (FPA) hopes is another scam Broker but when internet search turns up NO information(good or bad) that smacks me as odd. Especially if all your claims about this company are true. Anyway-only time will tell the real tale. It sure would be nice to add your company to the SHORT list of decent Brokers.


At last, someone strapped on a pair and is willing to provide something other that copied and pasted sales pitches.

So, what's up with this on your website?

Authorized and Regulated by the Federal Department of Finance
And this?

Broker of the Year 2009
And the people pushing for votes for ForInvest saying it was Arab or from Jordan?

How does "Swiss-Advisor" relate for ForInvest?

Where did John Rice get the incorrect PayPal info? Mike Sharp also reported the same thing was told to him by a ForInvests rep, but said that he didn't believe it.

You say "All swiss licenses are fake", but your Customer Agreement says quite a bit about your alleged Swiss licenses and how Swiss Law is the law under which any disputes will be handled. So, if Swiss licenses are really fake, why did the company keep the fake license for so long?

You mention Cyprus. Should I even bother checking with Cysec?

MarkZ scam broker rep - BANNED
Hey every body:
He is Egyptian Guy form Cairo, and we are as Egyptians
should support our brother, we all egyptians, Vote for him,
Please vote, now"
I may copy-paste it to Indian guy, chinese guy, yankees guy?
Now, go to our beloved google, search for "Pharoah FPA",
you will find some people voting for you saying that you are an egyptian guy!!??
While voting for the broker of the year 2009, at some Chinese business
magazine, we sent to all our agents to vote, so each one of them has
created his own style of voting, some was just funny :)
Anyway; its so ridiculous that some one is building up his views
on some raw post was found in some forum, even a naive won't do it!!!

Besides; "IBU" means an offshore company, that is not related to the local market or any of its regulations, this is the type of entities we have in CY..."The Tax Haven", no more details regarding this point!!!

Some other point, please be informed that all documents are in the process of update for all its contents.

And, as Iam here, let me do some Marketing, As of July 2010; ForInvest
will launch its Global Marketing campaign, with new style, "ForInvest" redefines " Forex Trading".
Thank you all for your great views, wish you all good luck!
P.S. I won't back again here, so if any claims or other info, kindly contact me,
directly at: ""

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West Coast Pips

Trader Beware - Do Not Trade With Forinvest- Major Problems

Hello everyone

It seems as though everyone is aching to know more about ForInvest from the perspective of a live client. Well I am one and have been for just over a month. I am actually a professional trader and you can see some of my reviews under 'West Coast Pips' in the broker reviews. I have had live accounts with about 20 brokers in the last few years. None are perfect. All I can say for now is DO NOT OPEN A LIVE ACCOUNT WITH FORINVEST. I had a pretty large account with them and they are not paying me a huge $21,800. ForInvest are acting like deceitful, liars and cheats in my opinion.

I am in the process of major disputes with this seemingly unreputable broker. I am currently informing the Swiss authorities about this potential SCAM broker. I have contacted FINMA: FINMA - Welcome to FINMA who have told me ForInvest are not even regulated in Switzerland. ForInvest used to have their Swiss contact information on their website. It has been removed for several weeks now. They have a phone contact & address in the US but NO ONE EVER ANSWERS your call. In fact when you dial in there is a message giving you 5 options. I have tried to press all 5 options and none of them register. You can only leave a voice mail and no one ever gets back to you, especially if you have a live account. Because they are not regulated in Switzerland they have their banking in Cyprus. They used to have a Swiss phone number but it was barely in operation. I have kept it on file and now the number goes through to a cell phone. They claim they have a huge net worth and over 300K clients. I can tell you this is evidently a LIE.

As far as I have ascertained there are only 3 people that work for this company and I say that with honesty. ForInvest are a small outfit, non-regulated and desperate for your money. On their website it says '24-Hours personalized service, Monday to Friday.' When you have a live account with them and have outstanding issues with their diabolical, unstable and apparently fraudulent MT4 platform they will NOT get back to you.

Before opening an account with them I had many questions for them by
email. I would get very prompt replies and even the odd phone call here and there to assure me and give me the information I wanted to hear. My first trade went very well and I made good profit. Subsequently they seemed to start to trade against me.

Their website contains a lot of apparently fraudulent and misleading information. How they can be 'Broker of the year' is certainly not proven and can only be made up by them. THIS PART BE VERY WARY OF: "NDD/STP Broker, No requote, No reject, No slip." Your first trade can be very true of that. I used SNW and when I made my second trade they would not allow me to close my live trade by market. I was forced to put in a stop loss after trying to close the trade for 4 minutes! I took only half my potential profit as a result. As far as no requotes YOU WILL GET TONS! As far as 'no slips' YOU WILL GET TONS.

The WORST IS STILL TO COME and I will happily tell you all what other evidenly fraudulent action ForInvest has performed with my account. My third trade I used SNW to trade UK CPI last month which was a big positive result. When SNW clicked on buy 20 lots gbp/usd nothing happened until about 45 seconds later. THIS IS BIZARRE...My account showed a massive MINUS, yes -$32,000. I was baffled and panicking. 4 minutes later the -$32,000 disappears and my trade shows up. I STRESS IT SHOWED UP 4 MINUTES LATER. If you spike trade like me you need to be in and out the market in seconds. Not only was I slipped about 30 pips but price retraced heavily against my entry and I was forced to take a loss of over $4000. NOT MY FAULT. Would you be happy with trades showing up 4 minutes later after you executed them?

Here is the worst part: At the same time I made a buy gbp/usd for 20 lots I also made a trade for 30 lots gbp/usd from another computer. I was given the option to reject this order as I did not see it go through. 7 days later when I decide I want to get the hell out of ForInvest I made a complete withdrawal of my balance. They did not answer me for 4 days. Then I made another request. This time they put in my account 'Trading loss correction -$21,900.' I could not believe it! They only wired me a quarter of my funds which I got in my bank account today. Here is the finale. This morning they have emailed me back to say the -$21,900 is for order 72354 which was my trade for 30 lots gbp/usd 10 days ago! THIS NEVER SHOWED UP ON MY PLATFORM AND NOW THEY TELL ME THEY CLOSED THE TRADE FOR ME WITH A LOSS OF $21,900. What can I say but these guys seem to be swindlers, manipulators, cheats and thugs in my opinion.

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West Coast Pips

Mark Works For Forinvest, I Know Him. Do Not Believe What He Tells You. I Have Had A Live Account With Them And They Manipulated My Trades. You Will Lose Your Money If You Trade With Them. I Have Lost A Huge Amount Of Money With Them.


I'll concede that someone else may have posted misleading info about where your firm may have been located when encouraging votes for "Broker of the Year" (which your company didn't win).

So sad that you decided to skip the more important questions before slithering out the door. Questions like:

1. Why does your website have an unsubstantiated "2009 Broker of the Year" award claim? So far, not one link provided, not even to a bogus Broker of the Year blog site. That's twice you've skipped that question and your spokesweasel Swiss-Advisor also kept skipping it. Based on that, I'll conclude the obvious: The claim is 100% fake.

2. Why do 2 people seem to believe your firm claimed that PayPal wouldn't deal with any forex brokers any more? Both of those people started out defending your company. Even if you want to claim they are crazy, then please update us on the PayPal status of your company.

I see you quickly went from rational to raving, just like Swiss-Advisor. If either of you (assuming you aren't the same person) had bothered to read my stuff at the FPA, you would see that you are acting just like a scammer

1. You ignore inconvenient questions.

2. You attack the credibility of questioners.

3. Your story isn't consistent.

4. Your firm's website is very inconsistent with your story and contains multiple factual errors. As an IT guy, you should have been able to have that website updated in under a week without any problems.

So ForInvests is going to redefine forex this summer? That should be entertaining. :p