Forex Blogs Forex Broker Selection, List of 19 Criteria

Mark Mc Donnell1 Representative
This article will discuss things like spreads, immediate executions, guaranteed stops, safety of funds, regulation, customer service options, etc. and assist all forex traders with criteria for selecting a good forex broker.

I think this one of the most detailed & helpful lists I've seen that lay out everything one needs to be looking for in a broker. Still, I would put more emphasis on the funding part, as I feel it's crucial to know what methods you can use to fund, if any fees are charged, and the timeframe that it takes the broker to process and issue withdrawals.
Hey if you go to the Forexearlywarning website you can read our article about how to get funding it is pretty darn detailed. Right on the homepage near the top is the link to the article. Good tradingto you.
One of the things I look for is the ability to deposit/withdraw BTC instead of fiat.... There are several advantages to this ie. holding capital in an appreciating currency (long-term), no KYC requirement, anonymity, transaction speed, etc