Forex Cobra System Con


Be aware that there is a con inside the Forex Cobra System. You pay your $97 and download your stuff. It looks good...very professional. You are made aware of "secret" bonuses that are available if you don't ask for a refund...and you don't get them until the 60 days has expired. I fell for it because I was interested in getting the "bonus" EA of the system. All my email requests were ignored and I seriously doubt that there is an EA. Yes, I have the manual system if I want to sit in front of the computer all day, but I have apparently been lied to and cheated.....scammed. This guy has a very low refund % and it is being used as "proof" that the system is so good hardly any one asks for a refund; there must be more than me that have fallen for this con. And yes, I have tried to appeal to his integrity (HA!) and requested a refund answer.


If you paid for it by credit card or paypal, open a dispute. Not all the goods were delivered, so you have a valid reason to complain and demand a refund.


Good Scam

Don't fall for this con. There is no EA if you wait past the 60 day refund guarantee. Fortunately I requested a refund just before the refund period ended after numerous emails to them went unanswered. I also sent several emails with regard to the bonus offer for forex mentoring. I never received any reply back on this either. Stay away!