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I received a call from a Malaysian company called as Malaysian universal group, and can be contacted from the phone number published on their website called, their contact number is 001160146437246, the contact person is called Ervine.on 20/10/2008 I received a call from the company's marketing department about a survey which asked for my name and gave me a reference number for a Malaysian universal group publication event held in Sydney, Australia on 26/10/2008. At this event there would be a lucky draw. and on 27/10/2008 Ervine called me to advice why I was not present at the event and I won the 2nd prize of USD 100,000.00.

He mentioned to speak to Mr Michael Chan from Hong Kong Foreign Currency Fund Company, which was the sponsor for the event. His contact number is
852 30533059, he advised that the completion was only for the company clients and I am not the client so cannot give me the money , so I asked him why I received the call. he advised me that I need to become a Temporary client to receive the money, the cost for becoming a temporary client is USD 2680.00

So I payed the USD 2680.00 to CHINA via western union money transfer to a person belonging to their company's accounts department.

Then Michael called me to confirm the money has been received, and process my paper for the prize money and forward my paper to Heidi Wong, she forded my paper work to the GM (Mr Johnson) to approve.then I get a call from the PA of the GM Raymond Khoo, who mentioned that he has included my name for a Forex Dubo scheme, this is an investment plan run by the governor of hongkong and the Hong kong foreign currency fund company would invest USD10000.00 in my name and payout the investment return back to me. I did not want to be a part of this and mentioned to remove my name, he said that he cannot so I will have accept the investment return. He called me next day as if he is calling me from HK forex, and mentioned that my investment return is USD 568000.00, I was shocked, he asked me to provide 3 account numbers to transfer the money via Banco Delta Asia. He asked me to confirm the amount by calling a phone number 852 66354970 Pin # 2234 for the safety deposit in Banco Delta Asia.

Then the Accounts depoartment called me and said that they cannot transfer the moany because I do not have a "four bank investment certificate", so they asked me to pay for the certificate US$ 4000.00.

Then Heidi Wong became my case manager, she adviced me that I will have to create a notorisation with the HK government mentioning that I would not disclose about this Forex Dubo to any one so I will have to pay HKD 120000.00

Then the account department Michelle Lu called to say that I had not payed tax which is 2 % of the amount, so I paid USD 11360.00

Then a person called Jane Wong called me for the transfer and said that since the funds were in the safety deposit box since 29th of October, they have charged me the fees for the safety deposit amount, so I had to pay USD 9100.00, I paid this to Hong Kong foreign exchange fund company to transfer it to the bank.

After paying this Jane called me back and said I do not have "Trust Management paper", so I spoke to Michelle and she mentioned that this would be 1% of the amount so I paid USD 5680.00

After this the payment was ready to be processed , by the management team did not approve to provide these funds to a Temporary Client, so they wanted me to become a Silver Class Client, for which I have to pay USD25000.00, they decided that I only have to pay the remaining after deducting the initial feed for Temporary client fees i.e 22320.00

I requested for a Legal document confirming this process and they sent me a legal paper signed by GM and Legal Representative

Now finally Mr Michael Chan calls and says that they need another USD 10000 as a gurantee deposit that I agree to remove my name from the Forex Dubo scheme, I have not paid them and do not intend to pay.

The Company Address for Hongkong Foreign currency fund company is 58th Floor Two International Finance Center
8 Financial Street
Central Hongkong
Ph (852) 30757948

Miss Heidi wong's contact number is mobile phone --852 66354953 ( she is still available on this) The Legal Representative is Kwok Ming Qoo

The company GM's Name Mr Johnson The Yew Hong


Its a variation on the old 419 scam!

It's not even a Forex scam, just a good old fashioned long con.

A 419 is the offer of big money usually out of the blue, (often ostensibly from a mid African country) often slightly bent (hot, slightly outside the rules) but then a series of up front payments are requested. If the mark(that's you shettyp!) pays up then they will keep asking for more. The enticement being a much bigger sum for apparently doing nothing. The slightly bent part puts the mark off going to the police, but they are usually in another country with different names. This time they have targeted Forex investors, who are known to have a few thousand bucks to throw around.

Never send any money by Western Union unless you know and pre-arrange with the recipient. WU is the scammers dream especially with Chinese names most of which can be spelt in English many different ways. Virtually untraceable!

The web address does not exist that I can see. Not a surprise.

The last governor of Hong Kong was Sir Chris Patton, but that was before we gave it back to the Chinese, quite a few years ago

We have classic tv series of "The Real Hustle" in the UK they do all the scams for real, then give the marks their money back. Everyone should watch the whole series. The 419 is the top one on this page. BBC - BBC Three Programmes - The Real Hustle, Series 5: High Stakes - Previous episodes Apologies if you cannot view it outside the UK.

shettyp you have been conned, I doubt you will ever see a cent of your money again, the prize of course does not exist, as neither does the Malaysian Uinversal Group (MUG!) As for "The Banco Delta Asia" well read this!
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If Shettyp agrees, I'd REALLY like to write an article on this. I used to hunt 419 scammers when I did tech support for a free online email service, and this is a variation that I've been expecting to see for a long time.

If you gave them any bank account info, close those accounts immediately. Once you stop giving them money, they'll write fake checks against those accounts.