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i would recommend a new forex robot that can consistently generate 10 -15% net profit monthly and of course
with low risk. I will not promise you that this robot can duplicate your account in 1-2 months, because such robots
will blow your account away at any time.
This robot, called Blueway Air, has a D1 time frame trend-based strategy and a low risk ratio that makes this robot good
than other types. For me a consistent 10% monthly profit is better than double the account at the beginning but at the end of it your account
still blown away.
- How does the Blueway Air robot strategy work to make a good profit?
This robot is programmed to scan 28 currency pairs at D1 time frame, entry points will be determined by strong support and resistance milestones and a number of combined indicators.
The maximum number of orders in one turn is 7 with lots calculated to match the balance. The robot will automatically exit the command if the account -30%.
You can view the results of my trading with the live account here if you need investor's password please PM me through

How much this robot is?

Instead of selling the robot as a standalone product, the developer prefer to use profit sharing system. Why? A good robot can wipe your account within a night if you don’t know how to use it or you become too greedy to get more and more profit.

So how the profit sharing system is works?

You can choose to copy signals or manage account services
- Copy signals: you can copy robot signals directly on the signalstart
Account management:
There are 5 packages you choose depend on the capital value. The higher the capital value, the higher your profit.

Robot license: $500

Profit Sharing: 45:55


Robot license: $1,000

Profit Sharing: 40:60


Robot license: $2,500

Profit Sharing: 30:70


Robot license: $5,000

Profit Sharing: 20:80


Robot license: $20,000

Profit Sharing: 10:90