Forex education

A lot of forums now offer free education. Among them, there are those that have already been written for you in comments. But you can find more of them online, I think there are more than 2. As well as some brokers offer free education. Usually they are quite useful, because they don't just include articles, but also various webinars, online consultations and so on. All necessary conditions for training can be found online. Good luck!
Learning, ofcourse, is very important for traders. Would suggest to use the free education sources available, like forums, trading blogs, etc. Some go in for paid sources, which I think should be a complete no. Why spend on something when it is easily available for free. And then demo trading is definitely is good way to practice and learn strategies and become better at trading.
trying to find more forex guidance and education is great but some times i feel i end up going around in circles