Forex education

Where is best to start to with learning trading patterns?
Download books which ensemble trading patterns learn them and start to recognise them on actual patterns.Theory often differs from practice that's why you have to train your eye before you start to get desirable results.
Agreed! Without putting your education to practice it will be for nothing. Treat trading more like an apprenticeship or something like medicine. You can learn all the theory in the world but that doesn't mean you can build a house or treat a patient.
Very well said! Knowledge doesn’t have any value unless you put it into practice. As it is believed, Knowledge is not power, implementation is power.
There are lots of educational resources online which are free of charge. You can start with this forum in forex military school, you can also go to the babypips where you can find lots of useful information about trading.
There are lots of resources which can teach you how to trade on forex, however not all of them are really effective. Here you should pay attention to the reputation of the resource and understand whether its courses are deserved to be noticed by your or not. There are also lots of brokers who provide traders with access to educational courses. As a rule brokers are directed to the education, because it's a direct consequences of their further work. If they would treat traders bad, then they wouldn't receive money. So, I would advice you to pay attention to brokers' educational courses actually.
Well here of course.
Babypips and ForexFactory.
Youtube SMC trading Supply and Demand I feel works best and demo my friend its risk free learning
I'd say FPA and Babypips are the best. Along with this, practice on demo account as well.