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European broker welcomes you!

We appreciate your time, so let's start our presentation from the main advantages of our company: is a Top 3 ECN/DMA-Forex broker in the terms of the narrowest spreads and low commissions, therefore, the income of each trader will be bigger. This is not all of the advantages trading with - is a modern, dynamic broker with 10 years of an impeccable reputation. The company is officially registered in the European Union and has all the necessary licenses to provide brokerage activities.

Principle of work for - No trading restrictions for traders!

ALLOWED - Hedging!

ALLOWED - expert advisors trading!

ALLOWED - any news trading!

Trading conditions are perfect trading conditions for almost every trader in Europe, Asia and even in America. We offer our clients two types of accounts: STP and ECN, 49 currency pairs, precious metals, ultra-fast execution.

Our regular customers, most of whom are professional traders, say the main advantage of a company is it’s usage of advanced technologies:

* Trading platform MetaTrader 4 ECN;

* Market depth (Level2) section;

* Deep liquidity.

The warranty of security for each client is the position of "no re-quotes and interventions", automatic slippage control, and absolute transparent cooperation.

If you want to earn with without investing, a profitable AFFILIATE PROGRAM is at your service. - broker who is interested in the most profitable and long term trading of every customer!

It`s possible to become our customer right now. To do so, please go to our website and open an account. We will be glad to work with you!

ECN Forex Broker with Low Spreads |

Dear forum users and guests. A European broker is at your service!

My name is Ekaterina Fechina. The company's management has authorized me to present official correspondence on behalf of the company with guests of the forum. Below are my goals as a representative of

- to provide the necessary information about the conditions of cooperation and services by request of guests,
- to inform forum guests about important innovations in the company,
- to help create a positive atmosphere at the forum.

We will treat your suggestions and comments with a great customer service. I'd be happy to answer your questions about broker.

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina.
5 great benefits of scalpers trading from! Everyone is welcome!

Dear forum guest, if you are a scalper and you still do not trade with, you now have the opportunity to learn about five great benefits for scalpers. Look, would you like to have such great scalping benefits for your scalping at your broker?

5 great benefits for scalpers at

Interbank - #1 benefit for scalpers

All transactions are brought out to the interbank market. There is no conflict of interests. is interested in a long-term and profitable trading of scalpers. Large volumes of deals are welcomed.

Low spreads - #2 benefit for scalpers

European broker is a top 3 ECN/DMA broker in terms of the lowest spreads on the Forex market. Our spreads (from 0 pips) allow scalpers to make an increasing number of deals to be profitable.

Low commissions - #3 benefit for scalpers

Scalpers`profit will be larger because of our low commissions. It is especially beneficial with a large number of deals.

Different types of accounts: STP and ECN - #4 benefit for scalpers

A scalper, depending on his trading strategy and size of the deposit, can choose a better type of account for him:

STP - Minimum lot 0.01, min. deposit of $ 100 Leverage 1:1 - 1:500, spread from 0 points, no fees.
ECN - minimum lot of 0.1 , a deposit of $ 200 Leverage 1:1 - 1:500 , spread from 0 pips , commission from 1.8 units of the base currency. As for ECN accounts, if you trade large volumes, our company will offer you a better deal on commissions.

Hedging is allowed for all types of accounts.

Slippage control - #5 benefit for scalpers offers a unique mechanism of protection against slippage for scalpers. This helps to save the deposit and receive planned profit from their deals. A scalper can count on an automatic slippage control mechanism for market orders to buy and sell (Market Buy and Sell orders), and for pending Stop orders to buy and sell (Pending STOP BUY/SELL orders).

5 great benefits! – It`s 5 good reasons for each scalper to choose as a broker. If you also want to have such great returns on scalping from your broker, then should be your broker!

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Dear traders, we invite you to get a welcome $15 bonus with!

Now you do not need to risk your money to enjoy the benefits of our trading conditions. Start trading with with $15, we will credit your account with our own funds.

We guarantee $15 Welcome bonus to any resident of the European Union!

It is very simple to get a bonus for the trading account:

You need to open $15 STP bonus account with and $15 will be credited to this account and you`ll have access to the account during one working day.

Now $15 STP bonus account at - this is your trading account with favorable trading conditions from our company:

Minimum Lot Size - 0.01, leverage-1:500 , Commission - 0 , spread - from 0 pips.

You can use this account to trade with any trading strategies, including hedging, scalping and also to deposit your own funds to this account.

You will be able to withdraw the bonus and your profit any time. The first withdrawal fee is 15 USD.

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$15 welcome bonus is now available for residents of the EU only.

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Neteller - a new way to transfer your funds.

Dear forum guests,

Now you can deposit your account with using a new way. You are welcome to pay viaNeteller payment system.

Neteller operates in more than 200 countries.

We receive transfersin three currencies: USD, EUR, RUB. You canmake a payment directly fromyourNeteller account.

Detailed information aboutNeteller transfer, as well as about other ways to deposit your fundsplease find here: ECN Forex Broker with Low Spreads |

We will be glad to help!
Trade with low commissions, trade with!

When choosing a broker, every professional trader, as well as newcomer, pays great attention to applicable commission charges.

High commission is always a great expense for trading. It has to be paid to a broker at each transaction, regardless if a trade is profitable or not.

Naturally, the smaller a broker’s commission is, the more profit a trader keeps. brokers charge the lowest possible commission fee on the FOREX market. STP account options are also available for commission free trading.

The following table will help you better understand various account options and benefits at

Please note a correlation between deposited amount and commission fees.
Trade profitably – trade with

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Minimal spreads –maximal profit! Welcome to!

Today I want to tell you about one more benefit of the broker – it is a size of the spread. We have a floating spread from 0 points. Among the many dozens of brokers offering their services on the Forex market, is a top 3 ECN/DMA-broker in term of narrow spreads and low commissions.

Now, here’s another reason to have as your broker – the size of the spread…

Please see average spreads for major currency pairs for ECN accounts in the table below

As for STP accounts their spreads a little bit more than ECN account spreads.

To track broker’s spread in real time, as well as to how we compare to our competitors spreads use MYFXBOOK following the link.

Professional traders will no doubt appreciate the provided information, but for those who are new to trading we would like to make some clarifications.

Let's start with the most important, with the definition of "spread”.

Spread is the difference between the best sell price (ask) and buy price (bid) at the same time on a specific currency pair.

There are two types of Forex Spreads: fixed and floating. Floating spread became increasingly popular in the last years. To our clients we offer a floating spread. In this case, a difference between bid and ask prices varies within a certain range depending onnumerous variables (news time, liquidity, etc.).

It is obvious that a minimal spread presents an advantage for all traders, regardless oftheir experience,a trading strategies they use or the size of the deposit. spread is minimal, so it is profitable for traders to trade with our company.

Choose a profitable trade with minimal spreads, choose!

We will be happy to do business with you!
Look for protection against slippage on Forex? Trade with!

Todayit is difficult to find a forex trader who has not had a deal with slippage. Experts of our brokerage company offer a unique mechanism of protection against slippage, which helps our customers to save a deposit and get a planned profit from their deals.

So what is the "slippage" on the Forex market and why traders should a void it? How does slippage control work at

Slippage - the difference between the price at which a trader placed an order and the price at which this order is actually executed.

The main reason of slippage is very high and very flexible liquidity of the Forex market, which in real time varies with different acceleration. The most common situation for it is the time of important economic news. In this time you can watch a quick trend (a quick price change within a few minutes, or even seconds).

How dangerous could slippage be for a trader? As a result of slippage, traders may lose all or part of the possible profit that he was expected from opening orders. If the volume of a trading lot is large in comparison with the deposit amount, the slippage may deprive a trader not onlyof profit, but also part of the deposit. The trader will be forced to have losses.

Use slippage control at our company!

Slippage control from - this is a technical mechanism built in MT4 which compares the price request received from a client with an affordable price at which this order can be executed. If the difference exceeds a slippage limit, then the performance of such request will be interrupted and followed by deviation of a client`s order. client is always notified of situations in which there was a slippage controlacted. All rejected orders are displayed in the History tab of the Account with appropriate commentary «cancelled by dealer».

An important advantage for clients is also that slippage control is being used as forMarket forBuy and Sell orders, and also for Pending STOP BUY/SELL orders.

The value of slippage limit is determined by our company. Please find this value for each currency pair here ECN Forex Broker with Low Spreads |

Don`t try to keep looking for protection against slippage on Forex market. You have already found the best opportunity - the slippage control from broker! Use it and be assured in the performance of your deals at the accounts of a European ECN broker!

We will be happy to do business with you!
On hedging is for everyone

Nowadays hedging is in demand among all traders regardless of their strategies. company offers all clients an ability to use hedging in their trading.

What is an advantage of hedging with broker? How will you benefit as a trader, when using hedging with us?

Any modern broker, including, provides to its clients hedging with a currency pair, to protect against losses in case of unfavorable price movements on another currency pair (see the figure below). For example, buy GBP/USD and selling EUR/USD.

This strategy does not guarantee 100% security of deals, as there could be often situations on the market when the prices of currency pairs are moving in one direction. In this case a trader will receive even bigger losses.

To limit the growth of losses traders use a method called "lock position". This means that the restriction of further growth of losses occurs through an opening of the opposite order of the same currency pair. Volume regulation of a lock position order helps in the future not only in leading a losing trade to "zero", but also to make a profit.

Hedging Benefits at

• A trader can open the pending orders to Buy or Sell for the same currency pair, i.e. "to make a Lock position".
• A trader may open an opposite order to buy or sell with already opened order on the same currency pair, i.e. to operate in the opposite direction.

These hedging opportunities in our company help to reduce trading risks for traders who use manual trading. Also scalpers use hedging in their trading systems very often. Start trading with and use all the benefits of hedging!

We will be glad to help!
We continue giving $15 welcome bonus for new customers!

We are pleased to inform you that we continue giving a welcome $15 bonus for new customers of broker.

You only need to open $15 STP bonus account with to get it.

$15 STP bonus account is a perfect way to begin trading with!

$15 STP bonus account with this is:

- No deposit bonus
- No restrictions on the number of deals
- No restrictions on trading strategies
- No risk for your own funds

$15 STP bonus account with also offers you excellent trading conditions: minimum lot - 0.01, leverage - 1:500, Commission - 0, spread - from 0.5 points.

You can withdraw your profit at your request any time.
Fee for the first withdrawal is $15.

Welcome bonus of $15 is available only for residents of the EU and each trader can use it only once.

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