How to pay less for Forex trading with

As a Forex trader, have you ever thought it would be good to pay less for trading while constantly increasing profits and taking advantage of beneficial trading conditions? Wide spreads and high commissions reduce your profits and are often an obstacle for cooperation with many brokers. Today is among the top 5 ECN/DMA brokers with the tightest spreads and lowest commissions on Forex. In this post, we’ll give you advice on how to reduce costs on Forex trading while enjoying beneficial trading conditions.

1. Cashback up to $100 for one trade

In Cashback program, the cashback amount is one of the highest among Forex brokers. Cashback is paid for any kind of trades, including loss-making. The cashback amount depends on the total margin used on all client’s trading accounts.

How to get cashback? The program is available to all clients during the first 90 days from the moment of registration. You don’t need to take any additional actions to join the program, cashback is credited automatically to a separate multi-currency Commission account. You can withdraw the credited cashback amount or use it for trading.

2. Deposit via bank cards and cryptocurrencies with 0% commission

Credit/debit cards deposits are among the top 5 most popular deposit options at That’s why we offer traders the most favorable conditions for depositing to a trading account via bank cards – 0% commission!

The Deposit with 0% commission campaign is available to all clients. You can make a deposit via bank cards with 0% commission an unlimited number of times.

There is no commission for deposits in cryptocurrencies. You can make a deposit in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum with 0% commission!

3. Trading on an ECN account? Don’t miss your chance to get a reduced commission

Each ECN account holder can trade with a reduced commission of only $1 for a period of 1 to 8 weeks! Period during which the reduced commission is valid depends on the deposit amount. To get the reduced commission, please make a deposit to your ECN account, contact us via Live chat or send an email to

Take advantage of low trading costs with – start trading with us and increase your profits!

Licensed broker is on the market since 2004. We offer reliable conditions for your profitable Forex trading.
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Life hacks for novice partners

Forex partnership programs are a source of additional stable income for thousands of traders. offers excellent conditions for partners, and you can start your own full-fledged online business with us. How and where is best to recommend the broker to other users? Which account types and services to choose? In this post, we’ll provide some useful life hacks on how to become a successful partner.

Life hack #1: Communication = attracting new traders

In partnership program, you generate an IB referral link in My personal area and advertise it across the web. The next steps are simple. Be active and communicate with other traders on specialized financial and Forex forums and portals. Many forums allow you to add a signature to your forum posts. Place the referral link in your signature and keep chatting on the forum—the IB link will work for you! The link will be highly visible to all forum users, and the number of clicks will depend on your social activity on the resource. You can also add the link to your email signature. If you have your own website or blog on financial or Forex topics, you can place the link or banner to where it will attract the most attention. Make sure you regularly publish information about trading, analytics and useful tips that are of interest to potential traders.

Life hack #2: Attract cryptocurrency traders

Cryptocurrencies remain one of the main trends of the financial world for the third consecutive year. For many traders, cryptocurrencies have also become one of the most favorite trading instruments. provides the most advanced features for using cryptocurrency assets on Forex. Your attracted referrals get access to 35 instruments with the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and some emerging cryptocurrencies. Your referrals don’t need to sign up on the exchange—they trade directly on Crypto accounts based on the ECN technology, and not through CFDs.

Life hack #3: PAMM service for investors

In the modern world of market relations, everyone wants to increase their capital and invest savings without significant effort. With the PAMM service, you can receive passive income through investments in Forex without special knowledge and time spent on trading. The important advantage of the PAMM service is that the Follower's funds are not transferred directly to the Master, but are stored on the Follower’s account. All PAMM service users get access to all the statistics of the Master, which helps to select the most appropriate account. The minimum investment on some PAMM accounts is only $100. You can also manage or invest in Crypto PAMM accounts.

Life hack #4: Reputation + favorable trading terms. The best conditions for your referrals!

The broker's reputation is an important aspect in the success of the partner. The more stable the reputation of the broker, the more referrals you have. The broker's reputation also depends on how well the company meets the requirements of attracted referrals and whether it can guarantee safe trading. Why your referrals will like the licensed broker? Why is our company attractive for professional traders and investors?

• Trading on 3 account types: ECN, STP and Crypto.
• Fast speed of order execution: 200-300 ms.
• 49 currency pairs, gold, silver and 35 cryptocurrency pairs available for trading.
• No restrictions on HFT, the time of keeping a position open, hedging or the maximum number of traded lots.
• Algotrading, scalping and high-frequency trading are allowed.
• Slippage control.
• Spotless reputation of the broker— has been on the market since 2004.

Bonus! Don’t know where to start advertising your referral link? offers a Welcome $15 bonus for new traders. The trader only needs to open an STP account and send a trading statement from the previous broker. Your referrals can trade on a real STP account with the bonus amount and test the favourable trading conditions of the broker without risks. Become a partner of the progressive and dynamic broker and build your profitable online business! It's easier and more profitable than it seems at first glance.

Should you have any questions about the partnership program, contact us at, call +442035198249, or contact us via Live chat on the company's website.
ECN spread statistics from for July 2018

Dear Clients,

Having vast experience in the industry and properly placed priorities, team has managed to develop an optimal business model, which allows us to concentrate on providing the best service on the FX-field. ECN-model, implemented in, implies that all our clients receive the highest quality of services with maximum transparency, as does not earn on its customers, but with its customers. It is the ECN-technology that limits brokers’ intervention in trading process and excludes the conflict of interests, while allowing us to provide the best trading conditions available in the market. Therefore, we are always glad to cooperate with clients, who use high-tech trading strategies, such as arbitrage, scalping or any other EA based trading methods.

Moreover, the team always pays special attention to the quality of its trading conditions, as we understand that it is the main indicator of the competitiveness of any broker. And now we would like to draw your attention to our average spreads for the previous month, which fully reflect the quality of our services.

Average spreads for July 2018:

(June’18 spreads are shown in brackets) helps you to make money – ECN commission is only 1$. Try out our ECN trading accounts with improved commission at!

Deposit with 0% commission! Fund your account with a debit/credit card and pay zero commission. We will also cover your fees paid for deposits via bank transfer over $3000.

Contact us to take advantage of special offers.

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Your premier ECN broker,
ECN spread statistics from for August 2018

Dear Clients,

The cryptocurrency market continues to surprise us with its scale and pace of technological development. However, keeps up with the times and develops its technologies at an impressive pace.

Now in order to show you our progress, below we listed our achievements for 2018.

• has significantly expanded its list of crypto-instruments by adding pairs with currencies such, as Ripple, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, EOS, and many others.
• Trading on crypto PAMM-accounts is now available in Copy successful traders or attract additional capital in the market of digital cash with You can use more than 30 currency pairs and build your own trading strategy without any restrictions. Trading conditions on crypto PAMM-accounts you can find here.
• We have also expanded the list of available payment methods. Make instant deposits to your trading accounts, using the most popular cryptocurrencies, and do not pay a commission. Impressive? All available payment methods are listed in this section.

And this is only the latest innovations in related to cryptocurrencies. We hope to continue to amaze you with our technological solutions.

Moreover, we want to assure you that the cryptomarket is not the only area where our new solutions are implemented, that is why we would like to draw your attention to the statistics of average spreads on ECN-accounts for the previous month.

Average spreads for August, 2018:

(July’18 spreads are shown in brackets)

Do you find interesting trading in the rapidly growing market of digital cash? Then is the best choice for you.

The most beneficial trading conditions, huge list of instruments for crypto and FX-trading are only in!

Then do not waste your time! Open a crypto-account in and start earning.

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Your premier ECN broker,
Start the new season as a PAMM Master!

The summer season is over, which means that autumn and the new financial season have started. How to start the next chapter of your financial success in the best way? During the summer holiday traders gained strength and inspiration for new achievements. invites experienced Forex and cryptocurrency traders to maximize their potential and professional skills and become a PAMM account Master on favorable terms!

If you have a long successful trading experience, are well versed in the market situation and your goal is to increase your capital in the near future, then PAMM service is the best choice for you. Start your career as a PAMM Master and manage attracted capital on PAMM accounts!

Why is it profitable to be a PAMM account manager at

The amount of profit depends on you. When you manage a PAMM account, you get not only your own profits, but also a performance fee from your Subscribers. The performance fee depends on how you trade: the more profitable results you show, the more investors join your account, and the capital grows accordingly.

Flexible offer. The interaction between the Master and the Subscriber is regulated by the offer and its parameters. The Master creates one or more offers with different conditions for each. Offer parameters are flexible, allowing Masters and Subscribers to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms.

Automatic allocation of profit and loss. The Master trades, while the PAMM service automatically distributes profits and losses between the Master and Subscribers on time and without interruption.

Favorable trading conditions. provides clients with the best trading conditions: only STP/ECN execution model, one of the tightest spreads in the industry starting from 0 pips, fast order execution speed (200-300 ms), and no trading restrictions.

Trade cryptocurrencies to get the maximum profit!

If you are trading cryptocurrencies and have already achieved stable results, you can open a Crypto account on PAMM service. This will allow you to get the most out of cryptocurrency trading. With a PAMM Crypto account from, you can not only increase your profits, but also attract new Subscribers by trading the most popular financial instruments of recent years.

Minimum Master capital

The minimum Master capital to open a PAMM STP account is USD 100, EUR 100, or RUB 6000. The minimum capital to become a PAMM ECN account Master is USD 200, EUR 200, or RUB 12000. For PAMM Crypto accounts, the minimum capital is mBTC 300, LTC 20, or ETH 5.

How to become a PAMM account Master?

1. Log in to your account on PAMM service, and then click Open PAMM Account.
2. Select the account type and fill in the registration form.
3. Confirm the registration.
4. Start managing your PAMM account.

Become a PAMM Master with the progressive and dynamic broker and build your own ladder to success in the new financial season 2018!
On the market since 2004: how achieved the best conditions on ECN/STP accounts

Over the past 14 years, we have been keeping pace with the most innovative technologies and offer our clients advanced ECN and STP trading accounts. You can open one or more accounts, combine their types and subtypes, not limiting yourself in getting the maximum profit. Since entering the market, we do not stand still and constantly improve the trading conditions to provide the best opportunities to our clients.

History of changes on STP/ECN accounts

Let us briefly touch upon the changes and improvements on our STP and ECN accounts.

In 2014, we introduced a mobile application that allows you to trade on ECN and STP accounts from anywhere in the world without access to your computer.

In November 2014, we introduced Crypto accounts based on ECN technology. Our clients were among the first to have the opportunity to trade popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, etc.

We also took a step towards novice traders and reduced the minimum deposit on STP accounts from 100 to 50 USD. This made trading even more accessible for those who want to test all the advantages of STP technology with minimal investment!

We reduced the minimum trading volume from 0.1 to 0.01 lots on ECN accounts. This is not a complete list of changes, thanks to which our clients stay with us and make profit using the most favorable trading terms. Our key objective is to reduce trading costs on ECN / STP accounts. We constantly work with liquidity providers to make trading less costly for our clients. As a result of joint agreements, offers the tightest spreads in the Forex industry.

STP/ECN at today

What can offer clients interested in trading on STP/ECN accounts:

• Two main account types available for trading: STP, 3 subtypes of ECN accounts, and Crypto account based on ECN technology.
• Minimum deposit for different account types: 50 USD on STP, 200, 1000, and 2500 USD on Basic ECN, Advanced ECN, and Premium ECN, respectively, and 10 USD on Crypto account.
• No trading restrictions. All trading strategies are allowed, including scalping and HFT trading.
• Extremely tight spreads starting from 0 pips. is among the top 5 European brokers with the tightest spreads.
• Leverage up to 1: 500, which gives you unlimited opportunities for trading. is always at forefront of the Forex market. We develop and implement new technologies that will take your trading to the next level, and we do not plan to stop there. Move forward into your profitable future with the most favorable trading conditions from the broker!
Crypto Cashback: return up to $100 from one trade with

Good news for cryptocurrency traders! The first one is that the market of electronic currencies shows positive dynamics. The most liquid cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple and EOS, led by Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, increased their value from 3 to 7% on trades on August 15. It is worth noting that the total capitalization of the digital currency market has added about $11 billion in value and is currently $205 billion.

35 cryptocurrency pairs are available for trading at, including the most popular cryptocurrencies. Our company has become one of the first crypto brokers in the market. For more than 3 years in the crypto industry, offers the most competitive trading conditions.

The second good news is that trading on Crypto accounts can be even more profitable! We are pleased to present the Crypto Cashback program to traders.

All clients who trade on Crypto accounts can participate in the program. Cashback is automatically credited to the client’s multi-currency Commission account, without additional request from the client.

What are the benefits of Crypto Cashback from

1. Cryptocurrency trader receives cashback in the amount of up to 150% of the base commission from each trade. This is one of the highest returns among brokers.
2. Cashback is credited for all trades including loss-making.
3. You can withdraw the cashback or instantly use it for trading.

The amount of cashback depends on the total margin used on the client’s trading accounts. The minimum cashback you can receive is 5 USD, the maximum is 1000 USD, the maximum cashback per trade is 100 USD. You can see examples of detailed calculations on our website by following this link.

Join the licensed cryptocurrency broker and participate in our Crypto Cashback program! Anyone who has already used the popular MT4 platform can make even more money on cryptocurrencies. Open Crypto account!
4 steps to success in crypto trading with

All traders have no doubt heard about cryptocurrencies. However, there are many who have not yet tried to diversify their trading portfolio with crypto assets for various reasons. With, you can successfully start trading cryptocurrencies in just a few steps–see for yourself!

Step 1. Choose trading style. In the world of cryptocurrency trading, there are two styles of trading: short-term and long-term. High volatility of some assets allows you to get good profits in a few days. seeks to create comfortable and favorable conditions for crypto traders. You can predict the future price of cryptocurrencies thanks to the history of quotes in the MT4 terminal. Instant order execution at a speed of 200-300 ms allows you to constantly keep abreast of and respond to any fluctuations in the exchange rate if you choose day trading.

Step 2. Choose strategy. You can use a wide variety of strategies for trading regular currencies and cryptocurrency pairs. Every trader finds the one that suits him best. You can be sure that the chosen strategy will not encounter restrictions on the part of the broker — there are no restrictions on trading at, which gives you complete freedom of action! We don’t set any restrictions on the following parameters: high-frequency trading, the time of keeping a position open, hedging and locking, transferring orders to the market, maximum number of traded lots, minimum Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, the volume of pending orders, the use of automated Forex systems, robots and advisors, the number of open orders per unit of time, and one-time withdrawal amount.

Step 3. Choose crypto asset. Many novice crypto traders prefer to trade only Bitcoin as it is the most popular crypto asset. However, diversification is necessary for all traders because it reduces the risk of losses. offers more than 40 cryptocurrency instruments for trading. It will be easy to find cryptocurrencies for your portfolio.

Step 4. Pay attention to the psychological component and security of trade. For novice traders, it is important to remember that you should not invest more than you are willing to lose — this is an important criterion to engage in trading without significant stress on the highly volatile crypto market. The reliability of the broker and secure conditions of trade have a positive effect on the psychological state of the trader. has been providing services in the financial markets since 2004. The company's business model eliminates conflict of interest: there are no requotes and no interference in trading by the company. Transparency of transactions and slippage control mechanism built into MT4 make trading comfortable in any market conditions.

What you need to know about Crypto accounts:

• Cryptocurrency trading directly on the exchange based on ECN technology, and not through contracts for difference (CFD).
• Spreads from 0 pips, commission only 0.5% per one side of the trade, leverage 1:3.
• Deposits in Bitcoin with 0% commission, the withdrawal fee is only 0.001 BTC.
• The best price at the time of placing the order.
• The minimum deposit is only 10 USD.
• 24/7 market access.
• PAMM Crypto accounts.

Start your profitable cryptocurrency trading with the broker and make a profit now!
Changes to server time settings

Dear Clients,

Please note, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) server time is changing to GMT+2 (standard time).

When the market starts on Monday, November 5th, 2018, the GMT offset in the company’s trading platform MT4 will be set to GMT+2.

Although the change should not affect open trades or the process of opening, placing, closing or modifying orders, however, we strongly recommend adjusting the GMT offset in Indicators and Expert Advisors to GMT+2 to match server time.

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Your premier ECN broker,
ECN spread statistics from for September 2018

Dear Clients,

Since the company was founded, team has never deviated from its goal, which is to create the most comfortable environment for professional trading. And relying on many years of experience, a lot of innovative technological solutions and professionalism of company’s employees, team is proud to say that we have managed to do it! Using services of, you will always have the best trading conditions on the financial market, professional support of our employees and many other competitive advantages, offered by

And in order to prove it, let us draw your attention to one of several indicators of our trading conditions, which perfectly reflects the advantage of our company among other brokers, as well as the compatibility of our environment with any existing trading strategies.

Average spreads for September, 2018:
(August’18 spreads are shown in brackets)

Are you new to Then start trading and get part of the commission for trading in back to your account!

Now, for all new customers, a new cashback program is available at! Do not miss your chance!

More information about Cashback program you will find here.

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Your premier ECN broker,