Forex for 60+: what the future brings for senior traders on the market

Very few people know that one of the most impressive success stories on Forex belongs to an elderly
woman from Germany - Ingeborg Motz, who earned a million dollars. She does not plan to stop there! In
general, there are quite a few senior age traders who can showcase successful trading and
feel very comfortable on the market.

The example of Frau Motz demonstrates that even after retirement you still can learn a new profession
that will bring a steady income. After all, retirement is not a sentence, and anyone can come to financial
success on Forex! If your age has reached 60+, but you continue to follow the news and understand what
is happening in the world of finance - Forex can become your reliable assistant and friend.

Forex as a workout for the brain. As we know, over time not only our bodies age but also our brain.
While regular sport can help strengthen the body, exercise for the "head" is much more difficult to find.
It is Forex trading that can become a good brain workout as it incorporates everything - reading literature,
forum communication with other traders and solving the puzzle of trading itself.

In addition, young people are more prone to being excessively emotional and tend to haste in actions and decision making. These qualities are considered the main enemies of successful Forex trading, for even professionals make these mistakes. Senior people, on the contrary, are less likely to be rushed, they are more disciplined and thoughtful. These very qualities can become the key to success on the market.

Technology is the future. Such thing as Age Tech already exists - it's a whole market, huge and constantly growing. Its size is estimated by the experts at trillions of dollars. Today, 67% of seniors confidently use the Internet, 46% are smartphones owners. Technologies for older people are attracting more and more attention due to the aging of the population on the planet, and in a few years the market may be filled with technological inventions that can be useful not only in an everyday life, but also on Forex! Today we're giving you some interesting examples.

• Voice Assistant. Many experience problems using keyboards or touchscreens due to vision problems.
Voice assistants will remove this barrier - they will qualitatively recognize the speech of older people and
perform assigned tasks.

• Robot Assistants. Perhaps, in the future Forex robots will be able to act not only as virtual advisers or
programs. Even today, there's a growing market of real robots capable of carrying out small tasks at home and being a companion for an elderly person. They, for instance, can make calls, can talk and perform small functions. Thus, in the future the functionality of robots can be expanded, and in the end, they will be able to fulfill more serious requirements of their masters.

With advanced technology and fondness for markets, Forex can be accessed by absolutely everyone! Do
not miss your chance to write your own success story with the convenient conditions of reliable broker.
On March 8th Switches its Trading Servers to Summer Time (GMT+3)

Dear Clients,

Please note, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) server time is changing to GMT +3 (daylight saving time).

On Sunday, March 8th, 2020, the GMT offset in the company’s trading platform MT4 will be set to GMT +3.

Although the change should not affect open trades or the process of opening, placing, closing or modifying orders. However, we strongly recommend adjusting the GMT offset in Indicators and Expert Advisors to GMT +3 to match server time.

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Your premier ECN broker,
435 Increases Margin Requirements

Due to the current high volatility across all financial markets, have taken the decision to increase margin requirements by up to 5 times their normal level in order to protect client funds. The change affects currency pairs, indices, metals and commodities and will take effect from March 17th until further notice. Please ensure you have sufficient margin to cover any open positions.

Cryptocurrencies are unaffected by this change.

Please consider these circumstances when planning your forthcoming trading activities.
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5 non-banal questions about the affiliate program

One of the most popular methods of stable additional income on Forex is affiliate program. will
help you build your partnership program the way it can become a full-scale online business! Today we
will answer some non-banal questions about the broker affiliate program.

Are the ways to attract referrals unlimited to me?

Yes of course! If you have a personal blog or website, simply post your referral link in a prominent place
so that it will always attract attention. If you’re actively communicating on specialized forums for
traders, you can incorporate your referral link in your forum signature. As you continue communication,
the link will work for you. An IB link can also be added to your signature when using email or, for
example, messenger applications. In general, does not impose any restrictions on the method of
attracting referrals - you can combine all available methods of attracting new customers to increase the

What conditions of will help me attract referrals?

In there is definitely something that will help you “hook” new referrals. For example, you can
tell them about ..

• … time-tested reliability. has been providing Forex services for 15 years and all this time the
company’s work has been based on the principle of guaranteed payments - 99% of all withdrawal requests are processed on the day the application is submitted.

• … the ECN / STP technology which provides access to the interbank market, instant processing of orders with a speed of 200-300 ms and the best price on the market.

• …an unlimited choice of a trading strategies. does not impose any restrictions on high-
frequency trading, time to hold an open position, hedging and locking, and much more. Traders can
choose what is most efficient for them personally.

• …about a wide variety of trading instruments. An extensive list of instruments for trading is available in 52 pairs of currencies, precious metals, 43 pairs of cryptocurrencies with dollar, euro, bitcoin
and even Russian ruble.

I have many friends on Forex - can I attract them as my referrals?

Yes sure. There is only one important condition - the coincidence of name, address, phone number and
other personal data is prohibited. This is regarded as an attempt of fraud.

How much can I earn from one referral?

For each closed transaction of your referral on an STP account you will receive a commission of 2.4 pips,
on ECN and Crypto accounts - 15% of the commission charged for the transaction. It doesn't matter
whether that order was profitable or not. There's even more: has created a multi-level partnership system that allows you to receive additional commission as the number of your referrals grows. All detailed information is available on the official website.

When can I get my commission?

Partners receive commission at the end of the trading day for all transactions their referrals closed that
day. The operation history can be monitored in your MT4 trading terminal in the “Account history”
section or in your personal area on the website in the “Partnership” section.

Join the affiliate program and start your profitable business in the Forex market today!
Will there be Forex market on Mars?

At the beginning of 2020, the famous American entrepreneur, creator and billionaire Elon Musk
published on his Twitter account the details of the construction plan of an entire city on Mars. Today we
will find out what kind of city it is planned to be and try to imagine how realistic the future of the Forex
market on Mars is.

Elon Musk twitted that by 2050 he plans to build a city on Mars with the population of more than one
million people. In order to transport this number of people, Musk plans to build 1,000 reusable spaceships
of carrying capacity of 100 tons. Such ship should allow one hundred people to be transported at a time,
and its prototype is to be released in March this year. He also shared that the launches are planned every 25 months - the period when the orbits of Mars and the Earth coincide, which will help save some fuel.

What's next? It is not enough to just send several hundred people to Mars, Elon Musk assures that
everyone on Mars will be provided with some kind of work. He plans that fuel will be synthesized right
on the surface of the Red Planet. In order to do so, a “fuel farm” will be built there, and without going
into details, Musk noted that methane production will be quite easy. On his twitter account he reiterated
that people will not have any shortage in jobs.

Over time, the infrastructure development will expand the list of available vacancies in all areas of life:
medicine, education, the service sector and agriculture. Additional interest lies in the opportunity to
realize even the most daring innovations because of challenges that require immediate solution on Mars.

The future of financial markets on Mars. It is planned that the colonists will be living in unique dome-
type houses. Considering the fact that the pace of technological progress doubles every 12-18
months, it is likely that by the time the million people will inhabit Mars, there will already be some local
version of the Internet there. For example, it is assumed that communication with those who remain on
Earth will be maintained through holoportation - the virtual placement of people in the same room in
almost real time. Technology does not stand still, and a lot can change in thirty years.

With the development of technology and the creation of companies on Mars, financial markets, including
Forex, can reach the interplanetary level. Indeed, even shares of companies located on another planet can still be traded everywhere, regardless of the location of the trader.

While this kind of scenario is still far away, you can earn money right now with the lucrative conditions of the broker:

• Instant processing of orders with a speed of 200-300 ms. This will allow you respond to the tiniest
market fluctuations in a timely manner and always keep abreast.
• Low spreads. is one of the TOP 5 ECN/DMA brokers with the tightest spreads and lowest
trading commissions.
• Two types of accounts for trading: STP and 3 types of ECN accounts.
• Minimum deposit of as little as 50 USD for standard STP account.
• No trading restrictions.
• Leverage up to 1: 500.
• Currency pairs, gold and silver.

Build your own financial future with the reliable broker!
Start your online business during quarantine with the reliable broker

During quarantine more and more people are striving to find an additional source of regular income online. Many people are getting interested in Forex trading, so you can not only help them make the right broker choice, but also build your own profitable online business with our affiliate program. Today will answer basic questions and share secrets with novice partners.

How to become a partner and start building your online business?

Becoming a partner requires just a few steps: register an Account and generate your own referral link. After that all you have to do is just inform about the attracted traders who have opened real accounts in the company, and receive commission from them.

I have a friend / relative who is interested in Forex trading. Can they register using my IB link?

Sure. But we would like to draw your attention to one important rule: in any coincidence of personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) is regarded as fraud - an attempt to get referral earning through creation of a fake trading account. fulfills all obligations towards partners and referrals, therefore we stand for an extremely honest and transparent partnership business.

I can use all ways to attract referrals, right?

Yes, all legal methods are available to attract referrals. For example, if you have your own website or blog, you can place the link in the form of a banner in a prominent place. If you're actively communicating online (e-mail, messengers, forums) - just incorporate your IB link in the signature, so you will be sure that it is always in sight. You do not have to directly interact with people in order to competently build your own affiliate network and receive regular income.

What can I offer my referrals in order to attract them to join

The reputation of the broker will do its job! has been operating on the Forex market for 15 years, and during this time there were no complaints filed to the company, withdrawals of funds are carried out as soon as possible. In addition, is chosen by professional traders, and here's why:
• Access to a variety of trading accounts. In traders have access to STP, Crypto, and three types of ECN accounts.
• Providing instant order execution speed of 200-300 ms.
• Tight spreads and minimal commissions.
• Large pool of trading instruments: 52 currency pairs, gold, silver and 43 cryptocurrency pairs.
• No trading restrictions - traders can use any trading methods and strategies without any restrictions.
• Automatic slippage control mechanism pre-installed in the MT4 trading terminal.

Ok. I've become a partner, and I've even already got my first referral. What's next?

• Track your referrals. In your personal area you'll have information about all referrals who registered under your IB link. You can view the list in the “Partnership” section.
• Earn with each referral. According to the terms of the affiliate program, you will receive a commission of 2.4 pips from each closed trade on referral's STP account, for ECN and Crypto accounts the commission amount is equal to 15% of the trading commission. It's important to mention that it doesn't matter whether the order was profitable or not. multi-level partnership system allows you to receive remuneration from referrals of your direct referral (level 2) and traders attracted by level 2 referrals (level 3).
• Receive your commission. The commission is credited at the end of each trading day for all referral's transactions. You can track the operation in MT4 in the “Account History” section or in your personal area in the “Partnership” section. The amount can be withdrawn or used for independent trading.

If you don’t know where to start, invite your potential referrals to use our no-deposit welcome bonus to test trading conditions on STP account.

Become a partner of the progressive broker and start growing your profitable online business even during quarantine!