Services Offered Forex Espionage - 1650 Pips? What Do You Think ??

Forex Espionage is the latest forex robot to reach this already-saturated forex robot market.

The objective was made very clear by Steven Lee. That is to help the newbies in the currency market to maximize their profits and reduce their losses.

Creator of several forex robots, Steven is always trying to perfect or should I say his personal trading skills into the forex robot. He wants his latest robot, Forex Espionage to trade as good as him or a human trader.


Steven wants you to trade with confidence and most important profitably. For that, he has created many special features into this forex robot. Features like high winning rate and high frequency trading through trading all major currencies.

I was handed a review copy of Forex Espionage through the review network 1 week before the launch. That gave me enough time to look further into this package and understand why it has caused so much fanfare around the forex community.

First of all, the package, contains the proprietary Expert Advisor, instruction manual and a specially created Forex Trading Manual. The forex trading manual contains insights and strategies from the years of trading experiences of Steven Lee..

Forex Espionage was very easy to install , a plug and play system that took me a mere 7-10 minutes to install.


Here is a rundown of Forex Espionage EA features and strengths :
- Trades on autopilot 24 hours a day. Continously looks for good trades, enter them and exit them when the trades are exhausted.
- Take profits quickly if it needs to . Cuts losses when the trade looks wrong.
- Quick and easy installation
- Has a high accuracy in picking winnings trades. An average of 80-90% winning rate. I even achieved 97% ++ wining trades in 2 of the months.
- Trades ALL currencies.
- Great at picking minor swings to trade. Fast action , fast profits.

- The Forex Trading Workbook included, explains the theory and system behind the Expert Advisor, Forex Espionage and is the ideal companion to the software. There is also a basics guide to Forex Trading included for beginners.

The system is available now.

To know more, pls refer to our Forex Espionage Review at
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Barry Campbell

Forex Espionage

I have purchased this EA on it's debut and have been running it all week on two demo accounts. Unfortunately, the results are not nearly as advertised & have written to support today. I certainly DID NOT make 1650 pips this week with it. If I can not see a solution, I suspect I will be returning it well within the 60 day trial.
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I disagree with one of the FAQs on this review:

Is $97 all I have to pay? Is there any upsell? Am I protected by Clickbank?
Steven: No Misleading - last moment - tricks. $97 and that’s all. yes we are using clickbank.
There is an upsell for a further $77 for the advanced system (see my review at Forex Espionage - Performance review for more details).

As this answer (allegedly) came from the publisher of the robot (who should know the answer to this question), my confidence in the system has dropped further