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Main features:

High performance 95-100% of profitable trades

Our reliable system is aimed at getting stable profit on Forex market

Trading is done in manual mode with clear rules for trading

Easy and accessibility in mastering the system

Full support after purchase

The system signals are very accurate and produce stable results, if all trading rules are followed.

The trading system is fundamentally supported by the market principles of price movement and is based on them

Can be applied to any markets: currencies, metals, indices. Recommended: major forex currency pairs

What you get:

A trading system that, once learned, will make you a profit in 9 out of 10 trades

What's included

Introduction - basic definitions (terms) of the strategy

MP price range - basic strategy

MP price range update - improved version of the basic strategy

Addition - increasing the mathematical expectation from transactions

Trading modes (setup)

Video - training video files

A collection of screenshots - transaction examples


Amount 270$

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