Forex Kyro EA


On Monday, 2014.06.09 I bought the 7 day trial version of Forex Kyro EA via PayPal for 19,90 USD.
I got a bill about 99,90 USD, but 19,90 USD where booked from PayPal.

In the meantime I made some demo tests and a one year backtest on GBPUSD based on default
settings (timerange 2013.06.03 - 2014.06.11). The test was stopped on 2013.06.06 because of
high draw down of 87.97%. Also I stopped all demo tests, because I'm not interested in such a
dangerous system. I suspect this is also the reason that the provider presents no backtest on
his website. The evaluations of my tests with Forex EA Kyro show me that this is a grid system with
a Martingale multiplier of 2.0 and controlled by an indicator.

On Monday, 2014.06.16 additional 99,90 USD were automatically debited from my PayPal account.
I applied at PayPal a demand repayment, and also at vendor. Both were rejected.
That's why I consider this vendor for a scam.

Summary: Hands off this system, there are better systems on the web.


Did you follow the procedure to cancel the trial before getting billed? If so, you may want to try to appeal that PayPal decision.