Forex Legend EA


At the end of July 2010 I purchased Forex Legend EA.

Shortly thereafter it would no longer authenticate on my charts.

Over the past two months I have been attempting to e-mail support, but their e-mail address no longer seems valid, my mails are simply returned undelivered.

I have repeatedly attempted to access their website for support, yet the website no longer appears to exist.

I have contacted the Forex Megadroid support, because they promoted it, but they said Forex Legend is having server problems and are struggling to recover. Is a two-month server problem a reasonable excuse for paying customers?

I have contacted FAPT support, because they also promoted Forex Legend, yet they have not replied.

I have contacted Marc McRae. Their support is always brilliant. They said they hadn't heard of this.

I contacted Plimus, through whom the EA was purchased. They said they can't help me, I must contact the vendor. They gave me the link to their website, which of course is not functional. They also gave me Forex Legend's support e-mail address, which of course is not functional.

I see you still have a Forex Legend demo account on your performance page. There is a long gap in its history over the time I have been trying to authenticate mine. I don't actually care if the vendor runs away, as long as I have a working copy of the EA.

Their website is:
Their support desk is:
Their e-mail address is:

I would appreciate it if you could try to contact them or open their website, or their support desk.

Kind Regards,



All these EA sellers cross-promote each other to make money for themselves. Focus on the payment processor.

Contact Plimus again. Tell them that the vendor website is down and has been down for a long time.

Considering how long it's been, Plimus may not offer a refund, but it's a good idea to try 2 or 3 more times. You might get lucky.