Forex Macro Scam

martha pabon

I Have Been Trying To Contac Forex Macro The Last 2 Weeks And Not Answer Or Anything. Can You Said Scam Or Really We Have To Trust That They Are Remodeling The Web Site As The Left A Short Message With That Litle Info To Thousands Of Investors. Do You Guys Knoe Anything About It.
Here's an article The Forex Macro Scam - Forex Trade Review, and here's the meat and potatoes of it:

The Forex Macro has been labeled a scam by a number of individuals on the Forex forums for a number of reasons.

One: There communication has been reported as non-existent. To gain some insight into there trading platform a number of people reported posting emails to them regarding their interest in this program requesting who their brokers were and the nature of their accounts. Unfortunately reply's were scarce.

Two: There site is listed on This is the Mecca of affiliate advertising, a HYIP site or - Ponzi scheme - as they're known. Not that this puts them in any bad light as such as many products market their system through affiliates but it suggests they are happy to accept many non-professional advertisers to offer credit to their program - albeit makeshift.

Three: And this is where the Forex Macro has really been labeled as a scam, is it's marketing campaign which purports automatic scalping with no knowledge at all.
Forexmacro badguys now have a new page
They say that they work with Ifx markets. That they ar reg. at NFA and SFA. At SFA the authorisation was terminated 17/1 2008.
Looks suspiciously like a HYIP. Now that they've grabbed some money, they will see who's foolish enough to invest more.