Forex Maestro


I came upon this company on a reputable site and because of that tried to buy this automatic programme from one of the banners on the site.

First I had to pay $197.00 to get it, then I had to pay a further $97.00 for addons, then a further $197.00 for the update. Each bill had a tax element added on making three items of $226.55, $111.55 and $226.55.

Then I tried to download the programme without success.

I immediately emailed them on, the only email address given asking them to void the transaction because I could not download the programme. They give no telephone number and they are operating out of Singapore.

Despite the fact that they offer a money back guarantee, I have received no response to the four emails I've sent to them.

I've advised my credit card company that they are scammers and asked them to get my money back. Hopefully, they can, as I notified them as soon as I could not download the programme.

I have saved all the screens I went through in a Word document.