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Forex Managed Accounts - Stable Returns - SALMAN ARIF SCAM

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by traianpavel, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. traianpavel

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    Oct 6, 2010
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    STAY AWAY FROM SALMAN ARIF, TX, US (forex_consult@live.com), skype:digisalfx; Tel:+17135307760

    I have started a colaboration with this guy in the end of March with an account of 5000 euro. Now I have in my account just 900 euro.

    He don't have any clue about risk management. We signed an agreement to stop trading when reach 25% in loses. After that I was agreed to increase the loses to 40% because he had a position on usd jpy. And he opened with 1 LOT. Any news aware about the jpy is going to 79.50 and he still keeped it open.

    Also when started I was with alpari.co.uk, and after few trades he told me they are not good. So changed to FXCM. He don't know neither what broker to use , what best works for him. I have asked him before start to recommend a broker.

    He didn't bother to stay at computers when the situation was so delicate, and just told me his software crached.

    Salman please do anything else than trading or if you want to learn just accept trading start with 1000 euro not 10k how you pretend.

    Evryone can see the statement and judge his trading style.

    And this is the first post I'm doing about him and will come another 100.000 forums as I promised to him and over 2500 blogs will take the news.

    here is the link from where all started :Forex Managed Accounts - Stable Returns - Page 3 | Trade2Win Forums

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