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Forex Monster - First expert advisor to be tested using Trade Station and Metatrader

Discussion in 'Services Offered' started by bestforexrobots, Jul 9, 2009.

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    May 6, 2009
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    Hi Guys, take a look at this new forex robot.... Receive this in my email yesterday. :mad:



    The Forex Monster has become the latest automated forex robot to hit the market this yr.

    But why should this trading robot be considered different from any of the others? In this review, we will talk about what the Forex Monster robot has done to provide the automated benefits.

    =====> Official Forex Monster Website : Forex Monster

    Can you count the number of existing automated forex software with your two hands? So how is Forex Monster different from the other automated forex trading system? Forex Monster does not take scalp trades.

    It only likes to take big wins.

    The problem with scalping is that the cost of spreads will often eat up the tiny profits a forex robots mostly go for. And one losing trade can literally wipe out your entire account.

    Especially when your robot trades multiples times a day, the chances that one negative trade will happen is much easier.[​IMG]

    Realizing the issues with scalping, The people behind Forex Monster have created an automated system to look for big spike movement.

    It seeks the bigger wins during trendy movement, it does not seek scalping opportunities like many of the other forex trading robots. To increase your profits, money management is another critical factor inside. You will not lose your entire account in any trade.

    =====> Official Forex Monster Website : Forex Monster

    The creators know that no system or robot are perfect and you will have a losing trade every once in a while, you need to have stoploss for all trades regardless of the winning probability.

    The stoploss amount will have to be adjusted according to the average profits..

    Forex trend stays for long so Forex Monster should not make more than 2 trades a day.

    According to the backtest results, the robot could make 15 trades in a month, and if the currency market is slow, 10 trades could be the maximum it could open.

    The backtest results show you could expect on average 8 trades per month.

    Forex Monster looks to avoid risk first and ride with existing trends.

    You can say that the robot is only interested to trade like the big traders do. Big wins, big movement and low risk trading strategy.

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