Forex Newbie Here!

J.B. Blank

Greetings fellow Forex users!

J.B. here. I'm a complete newbie to the Forex game. So ANY advise / insights will be immensely useful.

I'll do my due diligence, but as most here are aware, there seems to be so many scam Forex bots, "systems", programs, etc. that it's bewildering to try and separate the wheat from the chaff. Again, any and all insights are helpful.

It's my intention to figure out what "bot" or "system" is legitimate and will work for me, do some demo trading, then start an account with a 100 dollar bill. Sorry, I'm not putting up $10 g's to see if this thing makes money. I intend to be one of the 5% or so that actually at least make a living from Forex trading, or I'll take my $100 loss and go look elsewhere.

Hopefully, I'll gain all the information I need, right here.

Thanks again, friends. I'm glad I found this site on my first try!



Hello drewje,

Thank you for sharing that link for the newcomers to the Forex world.
You are right, there is a lot of helpful info there.

Best of luck to you all.