Forex News Gun Alternatives


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Forex News Gun may or may not come back. Getting the economic calendar fixed or replaced is the first priority. After that, FNG options will be explored.

One possibility would be to get a commercial company to partner with the FPA. Another option is to just find out which companies out there offer the best functionality and price so that FPA members who want to can get back to spike trading.

If you know of an alternative, list it. Give the domain name. Don't worry if your post gets caught in the moderation queue. If it's on topic, it'll show up soon enough.

The one rule. If you own/work for/represent a company, you must disclose that fact. If you are an affiliate, you must disclose that fact. Anyone caught violating these rules will be fed to Spam Cat.

NOTE: This thread is for FNG replacements. FNG is an autoclicker tied to a news feed. A calendar alone is not an FNG replacement. Since there is also a calendar issue, I've moved several posts about calendars over to this thread:


Hi, I adopte a software to trading news. During news session and when the difference between forecast and actual is good this software start to trade.
If difference is big it increment lot size, if it's small it use a very little size.
It trade only important news.


share the link man..
It's a proprietary software. I work well with it. It dont trade riskius currency pair (es. exotic) and it trade only when difference between forecast and actual is good