Forex News Trading Plans for Week 34, Aug 17 – Aug 23 2014


Sergeant Major
hi everyone,

the same question posted above which broker do you guys use. peter u said broker changes rules after sometime can you please state some brokers which you used in past and the one which you are working with right now, it would really help.
i used 4 rating brokers in forexpeacearmy list most of them but i get requotes, spreads of 20-50 pips which makes it impossible to trade with the software.
This is tricky fahadshah- because many traders change brokers frequently, why because some brokers allow you to use FNG and some do not. Some ''say'' they allow it and deliberately have a few seconds delay!!so your spread is crazy and others do only allow it briefly and then as you make money they do some things that will drive you nuts - i can tell you do not bother with Go Mart Australia or IBFX USA or TRADE STATION USA -

Others do only allow small lots like 0.10 but of you put 1.00 or higher you get requotes bla bla and btw- it can be quite common in prime news time to get a 20/40p spread - i would hate to recommend you my broker and you get requotes or delays, hence i dare not -Good Luck!