Forex Pro Cloner

d goodall

Forex Pro Cloner , I purchased the software, Nothing happened for a couple of days, didnt receive a password ect, then after still no password got mail prompting me to buy other soft ware, I contacted them to say I wasnt happy about the situation and under their promise of a money back guarantee I wanted my money back, after numerouse emails to then I am still not in contact.

Everything is answered with a auto generated mail, apart from some that are answered by a person named Avigail, who refers you back to your own email, and who I suspect is one of their employee,s. This crew use the typical con artist,s trick,s that are widely used by scammers, I still have no proper reply from them and still have not received a refund under the money back guarantee.

Be wary of them...I have read some damming and bad reports about this service, EA or whatever you want to call it...
Did they use ClickBank, Plimus, or some other payment processor? If so, that's the first place to demand a refund.

If you paid by credit card, go ahead and talk to your issuing bank about what's needed to ask for a chargeback.
The basic version is working perfect. I think some people don't know how things are really working. I have been with them from 11/7/2011 and so far only giving me profits