FOREX PRO Weekly July 23-27, 2012


I have a simple question:
What is the point of you posting here? Many people who have done so are explaining their method with all the parameters, triggers, reasons etc.

If the purpose is to ring you bell and tell us what a great trader you are (in retrospect, after the trades have allegedly been done by you) - then you have made you point. You being so majestically vague (except mentioning the SMAs and a mysterious proprietary indicator that you ostensibly developed) makes me wonder and is sus. How about calling a trade that you have JUST entered or about to ENTER - even without revealing your rationale for entering - that would tell us much more than pointing to trades that we all see in the rear view mirror.

Looking forward.

Triantus Shango

Sergeant Major
mmhhh... have i been entirely too trusting? have i let my naivete get the better of me? have i become a mark?! yeah, it sounds entirely unbelievable BUT what with access to interbank order flows and a proprietary indicator, could the impossible not become possible? :(

Sive Morten

Special Consultant to the FPA
Hi Craig,

Probably I can ask FPA Administration to provide you your own part of forum for daily scalp signals. What do you think about it?
Let me know if this will be interesting to you. 200 pips per day by scalp trading - this is indeed solid result. FPA have daily signals (Mr.Huskins), I write mostly on longer term perspective,
so intraday scalp signals will be interesting for those who spend in front of computer whole day.