FOREX PRO Weekly March 14-18, 2011

Sive Morten

Special Consultant to the FPA
Thank you so much sir :) new learn :D
I enter with 1 Micro lot sir .. when price creat his first bear candle and take .. i enter when price take out the low of this candle :) then i start moving my stoploss too next candle's high .. after 26 point ... price start too move like rocket and take out .. my +7 point stoploss :( ... i am practicing this real account sound's crazy as i am very fresh and learning harmonics but demo accounts not come with emotions :( and i need too learn money management with harmonics as well ...thanks for the advice sir .. next time i will use 2 micro :) and always keep that in mind .. that CD leg Needs too be harmonic before get in :)

Thanks for always staying with us sir .. Happy Weekend
By the way - nice example of harmonic AB-CD is on weekly GBP. In D point market has formed pretty bearish engulfing pattern.
If you're interesting with it - take a look...