Forex signals

You can find numerous trading signals on the internet and social media. On social media like Facebook, Instagram, and telegram you will be able to find out various forex groups that provide trading signals for free, you can refer to them.
There are so many signals in the MQL5 market, but to find one the best signal need more depth research because as signal provider actually, they want to get extra money with their service.
I think there are a lot of signl providers now.. You can choose any you like.. But do not forget test on demo first..
What you need to do is go back to the drawing board and learn as mucha s you can about forex signals and how they can affect your trading life. I you learn the you will obviously be able to answer the question that you have asked. Do not make the mistake of not relying on yourself first because it is your trading journey after all.
If you need to know where to get forex signals then you need to watch some videos or take a forex class that will cover everything including forex signals. At the end of the trade you will be able to know where to get forex signals and why they are important to some traders.
There are a lot more signl providers now, I believe. You are free to select any of them. But don't forget to practise on a demo first.