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Hi, guys!

I’ve tried several trade managers (specific software). One of them was forex speed up. I would like to share my impressions of it.

You can:
Open multiple trades generating custom shortcuts.
Calculate a lot and manage risks.
Move an undocked window outside the platform and control orders on different MT terminals.
Close several trades with one click.
Find out the BID and ASK price with the program.
Open different trade templates for different symbols.

The interface isn’t convenient for me. To my mind, it is too intricate and not user-friendly.

In general, this software is a good assistant in making your trading easier. At least, it made my Forex life not so difficult. Everyone to his trade. You can download the demo and try it firsthand. And then for your own opinion. Good luck!


Hi guys,
Close all loss or profitable orders with one click - features that speed up my trading process and make me happy


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I have never tried trading managers and I am quite skeptical about this whole idea. I mean that you can do everything on your own without any mediators in your trading. I think that the best thing would be the total control over your calculations and the whole decision making process. It is very important to do all the calculations on your own in order to track down the whole process of making your personal trading plan. Surely, this process is quite nervous and there will be no opportunity to put the blame for the failed deal on something else, but doing everything by yourself gives you more understanding of the current market situation, so that you can double check everything that you want to implement on practice.