Forex Steam. No Trades and no support.


Just wanted to share my experiences with Forex Steam. Purchase and install went well. Instructions are well written. That's where the kudo's end. The system would not take a trade. Support is by email only with 1 to 2 days between every answer. Only suggestions were to toggle some of their defaults. Then they had me change brokers. Still no trades. Each and every response from tech support was just enough to get the problem off of them and back onto me. There was no real troubleshooting. After 6 weeks of this back and forth, I told them to put up or shut up by either connecting to me and fixing it or refunding my money. After one week of the same consecutive email, I got an answer that they would connect and fix it. The appointment came and went with no connection. I was pissed. I demanded a refund and gave them 4 days to issue it. After the 4 days, I disputed the charges with my credit card company.

I did try to run this system on demo accounts and live accounts across three different brokers. I even used the one they recommended. If it works, great. If you need technical support, you are out of luck.