Forex Steam Robot SCAM and PROOF is BELOW....

Walter Emslie Forex

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Forex Steam and Forex Robot Nation is a SCAM SEE RESULTS!!! And they backed up by FOREX ROBOT NATION

the results updates are FAKE...

the eur usd price was not near the closing price at the time... at the time it was 90 pips away...

Please forward this email to all forex traders to be warned...... and post it in all forums

See what REALLY HAPPENED !!!]Gyazo - 59face55c18880ed0c0a1dc5f9dba0f3.png

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forex steam results they published.png

See there FAKE UPDATE... they found a way to upload fake results... thats why you wont see them on myfxbook or a decent mt4 publisher.....
another steam 90 pip loss.png

Heres proof on my live account another 90 pip stop loss got hit again.... see what they published again.png

see their closing price and see their closing time...

The price of eur usd was not there at the time...
Try sending from another address. Tell them how cool it would be if they'd sign up with FPA testing. Tell them you are thinking of buying and so are some friends.