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I bought Forex Supernatural at its launch at the beginning of September. I ran it on 1 live account plus 4 other demos. For about 10 days no trades were made. I contacted support who said to check settings and that other customers had reported trades. A couple of days later the issed an advanced version, made available free of charge. I got the impression the standard versionwas rushed out simply to make money. I installed the Advanced version and up until now on all the accounts I have running it has made a total of 3 trades, 2 losers and 1 small winner. I have contacted the company on 4 occasions, 3 by direct e-mail and once throughthe support section of their website. I have received no communication back from them. I purchased the system through what I think is an affiliate FOREXTRADINGMANUALS.COM so my problemis withthem.


If they don't start to be more helpful, go to Plimus and follow their procedure to get a refund.

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Hi guys

I hope this thread is still active. I have purchased Forex Supernatural and the Advanced System as well via Paypal. I have written them twice so far asking for a refund. The first time about 20 days after the purchase on october 9th and the second time on october 18th thus 3 days ago.

I still didn't receive any reply.

@ EDDIE ONEILL: Once I've read you received the full refund you've restored my hope of getting my money back.

How long did it take getting the refund you've requested? Did you contact Plimus directly as Pharao suggested?



I think Forex Training Manuals is the name of the development or marketing company. Just look at this link -

Forex Trading Manuals

If it doesn't display properly, just click the Products button....they have 9 other products out with Supremo FX coming out on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Simon's videos seem pretty convincing for the new trader and I know alot of affiliates promote their stuff. I hear that Plimus makes the buyer work with the vendor for the refund, instead of the instant ClickBank refund.