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forex-swiss.com traded my account on my behalf

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by emeoreva, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. emeoreva

    emeoreva Recruit

    Jul 12, 2008
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    forex swiss,Forex-swiss.com,forexswiss 24 hour online Forex trading i open an account with them thinking they genuine brokers i never knew they were scam after registering i funded with 5022usd only for them to trade my account by them self and crash the account.. see for yourself details
    login 5128
    password ertdfg45
    i told them to reform my money they now ask my to fund more that the first money i deposited is gone. please i need somebody to tell me how i can recover my fund
  2. emeoreva

    emeoreva Recruit

    Jul 12, 2008
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    part of the conversation

    Dear Sir,

    We do not have it.

    Please, be advice we do not recommend anybody to trade forex it is too risky.

    But in order to help you to cover your loss:

    We invite you to join trading with MMMindex, very easy to trade index with approximately 20 -30% profit per month, with very low risk for BUY position.

    Please, Note: we strongly recommend you concentrate your marketing on the index, as you can grow your clients’ base extremely fast.

    MMMIndex is very good for marketing. One of our partners from China now has 900 clients per month, but 3 month ago he starts from 3 clients.

    This is very strong index - The index goes only up during one year. There are no any down side trades just pure up trade, so there is almost zero risk for traders.

    And of course it is very easy to trade: just open 1 lot buy per each 1000 USD you have in your account and wait one month. During 30 days you will get approximately 200-300 USD per every 1000 USD you have opened positions with. (This concept has been proved on a yearly base.) Then just close positions and withdraw all money. Or withdraw just your profit and open new positions and get new profit, it is up to you.

    You can see the index charts in your trading platform (please, use DAY charts only it is very slow moving index, just click on your market watch panel - “Show All” if you cannot see MMMindex in your market watch panel).

    Please, be advice you will get 10% bonus per each client or friend you have introduced to us if they are made trade in the MMMindex (bonus will be added to your trading account immediately and will be available for withdrawal after 30 days).

    Because your friends/ clients will get 20-30% profit every month so it will be very easy to introduce new clients to us. So you will get profit and your clients will get profit, and all are happy.

    Just Get profit and Build the Future you want!

    One more time, do not waste your time on trading with currencies or with EA robots, it is too risky, just trade with MMMindex and get 20-30% profit per month.

    With this profit you will have more freedom to serve your family!

    As always you can withdraw your money at any time via Liberty Reserve or Webmoney within 5 minutes with no limitation and no restrictions.

    We believe that we have an outstanding online trading service and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

    Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at accounts@forex-swiss.com

    For example one of our successful clients:

    MT4 trading station

    Login: 4140
    Investor Password: 34er56ty


    Please, use Fech-server not FECH-demo

    Best regards,

    Michelle Raman
    Customer Care Manager
    forex swiss,Forex-swiss.com,forexswiss 24 hour online Forex trading
    Foreign Exchange Clearing House Ltd
    Prime Clearing Member of European Union Electronic Derivatives Exchange EUEDEX™
    Registered Member ID: PCM-2367
  3. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    If they traded without your direct permission, that's definitely not right.

    You should ask Michele how much of her own money she's got in MMMIndex. :p

    It might also be worth asking her why a company with Forex in the name has a representative telling people not to trade forex.
  4. antonisk

    antonisk Private, 1st Class

    Apr 27, 2012
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    Sometimes I don’t understand where all these people find these brokers. Don’t you at least Google FOREX? At the minimum choose a broker that will appear in the first page it will be safer.
    I do browse the FPA forums daily and I’m surprised by traders opening accounts with brokers that I never heard off and to top it off when you visit their websites it looks like a 10 year old was hired for the web design.
    Do some research visit the FPA ,Google is your friend don’t open/ deposit large amounts on new accounts test the broker test the broker and do test the broker again if you care about your money.

    Just a thought

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