Forex trading help..... BEGINNER


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Always scammers when they say stuff like "give me x and I'll give you back xxx"
Yes promises of guaranteed profit should put you on alert. You have to always ask about the risk of investment or trade and decide if you agree to take or not.


My friend in forum forex he get scammed by fund manager of forex, he investing big money and as fund manager will giving profit 65% each month, along 12-month investment; period, during the time agreement, money can't be withdrawn, the first month still paying, two months still paying, but third month the owner or fund manager carry out the money and disappear, so I think beginner better learn first rater than relying from others


Cool that you decided re-check everything and avoided this company. I don't know nothing similar but to be safe. As a trader, I can say you that's simply unlikely to make x10 in 7 days, even for professional traders. I can suggest you to look and seek for trusted brokerages and always search other people opinion. However, the type of broker depends on you and on your needs...

Albert Dcosta

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Well, here is a thing that I have learnt so late in my trading career but I want to tell here so any good trader can get that thing early. If you are good in your trading method then you should never hurry to make big profits from small accounts because there are companies that can offer you funded accounts and you can make big on those accounts.