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Forex Trading Signal 02/05/08

Discussion in 'Current Forex Trading Signals' started by Crazy Cat, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Crazy Cat

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    Sep 30, 2007
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    This is Sir Pips.

    If you wish to watch the video, just click on it, and then click on "play" icon. My video version is MUCH MORE detailed so I encourage you to watch it.

    HI-res.: 02-05-2008.swf

    Let's first review what happened Monday evening.

    The Private sector wages came out at 1.1% but there was some big confusion on the Average Earnings. First, it came out at +0.9, then it was changed to -0.9 and then it was changed back to 0.9 so it created a bid weird situation. It was very little price action, and in the room we did not enter any trade before the New York closes. Next time I will either skip this or use a larger deviation.

    At 7:30 p.m. there was Australian Retail sales. It came out very close to expectations so no trade there.

    The Australian Interest Rate came out as expected so it was also a no trade.

    Let's now just talk about Tuesday.

    1. Tuesday, February 05th, 2008 (3:00 a.m. New York Time) UK
    At 3 a.m. EST there is UK Housing Indicator coming out. This one gives a decent opportunity to do some scalps. It is expected to come out at -0.4%, last month it came out at 1.3%. Last month you could be able to make 20 to 25 pips. If it comes out at -1.3%, I think it is low enough to sell GBP/USD. If it comes out at 1.5% or higher, that would be the best number since August, and that would be sufficient enough to cause GBP/USD strength. I would expect 25 to 30 pips price action in the first 30 minutes of the report although recently it is getting more focus on so it could be even more pips if the trigger is hit.

    2. Tuesday, February 05th, 2008 (4:30 a.m. New York Time) UK
    At 4:30 a.m. EST we will have UK Services PMI. That was is definitely tradable. Last month we had -0.8 deviation and it gave a great price action of 60 to 70 pips or so. I definitely would want to trade it. Usually I trade 1.0 trigger on it but I will give two triggers for this report. This report tends to move up and down and then up and down 25 pips with smaller deviations. If you are able to make money on it, I think trading 0.8 trigger so buying GBP/USD on 52.8 or higher, and sell GBP/USD at 51.2 or lower on the release. In this case, just take whatever market gives and exit. If it deviates by 1.5 trigger, I think it would be a good idea to hold your position for a longer time. So, if it comes out at 53.5 or higher, it would be more conservative buy trigger on the GBP/USD, and if it comes out at 50.5 or lower, it would be a conservative sell signal on GBP/USD.

    3. Tuesday, February 05th, 2008 (3:00 a.m. New York Time) USA
    At 10 a.m. we will have U.S. ISM Non-Manufacturing. Not the best indicator but you can try to scalp a few pips. It is expected to come out at 53.0. If it comes out at 54.5 or higher, you can go long on USD/JPY, looking for 20 pips price action. If it come out at 51.5 or lower, you can try to sell USD/JPY and expect 20 to 25 pips of the price action.

    That's all for Tuesday.

    If news trading seems to be very interesting for you, then I suggest you to go to Forex Diamonds - News Trading Education and read everything about this service. It is a live trading service I provide with Felix, and I will be able to show you exactly what I am doing as I am leading hundreds of traders just like you every day with very clear strategies on when to get in and get out. As people are following my trades, they are learning how to trade the news, feel comfortable with trading and make good profits. We offer 21 days free trial so you can just try it and see how you like it.

    Thank you very much, and good luck with your trades.

    To Our Success!
    -Sir Pipsalot

    The video with the signal is recorded by Sir Pipsalot.
    For your convenience, this text is written based on the video by Crazy Cat
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  2. onlinecash

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    Jan 3, 2008
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    Forex Signals

    I am new to forex trading and had been applying all the signals sent to me even if I don't understand much of it. Please could you explain in details how to apply those signals to trading. Example, what and what am I to watch on a trade before executing.

    "It is expected to come out at -0.4%, last month it came out at 1.3%. Last month you could be able to make 20 to 25 pips. If it comes out at -1.3%, I think it is low enough to sell GBP/USD. If it comes out at 1.5% or high

    How do I know when it comes out at -0.4 and all the rest. Please explain in details and I would love to make some pips this week.
  3. sleuth

    sleuth Recruit

    Dec 30, 2007
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    8.55EST // DJ ISM Releases Non-Mfg Report Early Due To Possible Breach Of Infomation

    ISM Non-Manufacturing 41.9 Versus 54.4 expectation..
    happy trades brothers n sisters

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