Forex Trading Signal 10/16/07


The 1.7% and 2.1% refers to the announced actual year on year figure for the UK consumer price index i.e the UK governments' measure of inflation.

I believe the idea is to open a position immediately after the announcement (providing the CPI fits the criteria) at the prevailing exchange rate. The expectation being that the exchange rate will deviate at least 50 pips from that level within one hour of the announcement.

I'm also a newbie so if this incorrect please go easy on me.:)

One question from me:

Would someone kindly give me a link/s to the live feed/s for the announcements.


After which announcement ?


long on USD/CAD

Hi Felix,
I'm on the West Coast, set my alarm twice to wake up this morning. 1:30 for the GBP report - that was nice, I pulled some pips out of both that and the EUR/USD in a half hour. Thanks a lot! Normally I just do technical, and now I'm going to trade the news more often.

Then I was back to bed till 5:30 for the USD/CAD reports.

I've been watching this pair for either an upward trend or a significant reversal as it's reached incredible lows and can't go much farther down. This morning it looked to be trending up and unaffected by the reports, until, as you'd posted, it took a massive plunge. I took that as an opportunity to get in after that movement, as it started to return. I'm still holding this position, having gotten in at .9760, currently at 40 pips profit - I'm expecting it to range throughout the day and then trend upwards over the next few weeks, so I'm looking to hold this as a position trade. It seems like it was a good entry point for a longer term trade, having the opportunity to get in 30-40 pips lower than it had been prior to the news. Anyone else going long on USD/CAD for the next few weeks?

Your last position trade inspired me to look out for some longer term opportunities, and from what I've read on the USD/CAD lately it's due for a massive retracement, at least. Possibly 800 pips. What do you think?


I was highly disturbed by the reaction of the price movement, today Tue Oct 16, 2007. It appeared the market moved exact opposite in these cases: UK CPI y/y and Canadian Manufacturing shipment.
The signal to Buy turned out to be Sell, while the Sell signal turned out to be a Buy in terms of actual price movement. Could you help out in case I misinterpreted the signals.


thanx much

ive done alright thanks to all felix however i dont quite understand when terms are in percentages ie: 1.7 % = ? if these equations could be explained in an easier computation as my math is not very strong how do i find these signal conversions make any sense :confused:anyone? thanx splithand



Hi Felix or anyone else out there!
Im happy to say that this site has been a huge help, since I signed up a couple of weeks ago. I was receiving beutifall signals by email. But now they have stopped. So I have got my username and pasword etc, but cant figure out how to find the dally signals? Am I missing something or just being silly?
Please help.
All the best


Just Administrator :-)
I think you are being silly :) When you subcribed to the daily forex signals, you will receive a new daily password. You use that password and enter it into the little box when you click on the Current Signals Thread.

hope that helps :)