Forex Trading Signal 10/24/07


To Felix: Thanks again for a great post. I got burned on AUDUSD big time on that release, It didn't fall short of the forecast that much, but enough that i thought I could catch 10-15 pips. Well, I ended up taking 20 pips up the ass instead! I've been watching AUDUSD a lot too, but chalking that up to experience.

To All Complainers:

**** you, Felix does this FOR FREE for YOU. You are one ungrateful ****er if you are complaining to Felix about having to log in too much or the text being wrong, people ARE NOT PERFECT and Felix provides an extremely professional, free market analysis of the major currency pairs and you should feel extremely indebted to this man. People pay TONS of doe to get the kind of daily insight that he provides for free to everyone.

Peace. Respect to you Felix.


hi felix,
I like your service. It is not as comfortible as before with the email. thank´s that you are still writing, because on youtoube it is sometimes hard for me to understand. I´m German and not so practiced in english.