Forex Trading Signal 10/30/07

Felix Homogratus

Commander in Chief
This is Felix.

If you wish to watch the video, just click on it, and then click on "play" icon.

In this email I will talk about Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but let's first review what happened earlier today.

The German IFO came out almost as expected, and literally nothing was going on. The Core Durable Goods came out lower than it was expected; the headline also came out negative so did unemployment claims. I did not tell you how to trade them but just for your record, the price opened at 2.0498 and it went up to 0.0555 in the first 15 minutes but after the initial spike there were a few opportunities to get in at the pre-release price. Nevertheless, I did not trade this.

Then at 10 a.m. we had the New Home Sales coming out. It came out pretty much as expected so that was a no trade.

Let's now talk about next few days.

1. Friday, October 26th, 2007 (--:-- -.-. New York Time) DAY OFF ;-)
Tomorrow there is absolutely nothing that is worthy watching and possibly trading. It is one of a very few Fridays that we can take off.

2. Sunday, October 28th, 2007 (5:45 p.m. New York Time) NEW ZEALAND
On Sunday at 5:45 p.m. New York time we will have New Zealand Trade Balance coming out. It is expected to come out at -725 M. If it comes out at -1B or more negative, I think NZD/USD may possibly go down by around 30 pips or more in the first hour of the report. On the other hand, if it comes out at -500 M or less negative, I think NZD/USD may possibly go up by 30 pips or more in the first hour of the report. I discourage you to trade the spike here; rather wait for the retracement, and try to enter within 5 pips of the pre-release price, and maybe try 10 pips stop-loss and 30 pips take-profit. Most likely it is going to spike, then retrace providing a very good opportunities to enter at a good price.

3. Monday, October 29th, 2007 (--:-- -.-. New York Time) DAY OFF ;-)
Then we have nothing going on on Monday so you can take this day off as well.

4. Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 (10:00 a.m. New York Time) USA
On Tuesday at 10 a.m. New York time we will have U.S. Consumer Confidence coming out. It came out 99.8 last month, and it is expected to come out at 100.0 this month. If it comes out at 105.0 or more positive, I think GBP/USD may possibly go down by 40 pips or more in the first hour of the report. On the other hand, if it comes out at 95.0 or lower, I think GBP/USD may possibly go up by 40 pips or more in the first hour of the report.

* Report: US Consumer Confidence
* Sell on GBP/USD if the number will be 105.0 or better
* Buy on GBP/USD if the number will be 95.0 or worse
* If the trigger is hit, expect 40 pips or more in the first hour of the report.

That's pretty much all for these 4 days. I will send another signals on Tuesday, and I will discuss what happened on Sunday and Tuesday, and I will talk about Wednesday.

If you have not been to my website, I strongly recommend you to go there. This is a place where you can trade live with me or one of my trading partners. I strongly recommend you to take advantage of our 21 days trial. Try this service, learn as much as you can during these 21 days, and if you want to stay, you will continue paying for using this service; if you don't like it, then you will get your money back. I believe everyone should try it and elevate his/her news trading skills to a higher level by being able to trade live with us during these news announcements. We don't mess around, we tell exactly as it is, exactly where we enter, exactly where we exit so this is a very powerful educational experience in the real market with live entries and exits.

Good luck with your trades!

Thank you very much and have a great weekend.

To Our Success!
-Felix Homogratus
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Hello Felix and traders,
quite interesting for your good work in seeing many other successful traders like yours.
Kudos to your wonderful daily signals.
I wish all traders more successful days ahead, I a newbie and doing well in the field but getting scared with broker altitude towards the traders I read your mail on how a position was placed against your friend and my heart nearly failed me cause it is an avoc to us,like i do experience whenever i want to take my profit the network on my broker will went off until my position are in negative or profit reduce before the access could come meanwhile others brokers will be working very well like i use to do demo on other broker's platform


You should know...

I learned a while ago that brokers trade against your account. The way it works is like this... when you are profiting they delay the price a few pips so that if you close the trade they earn those pips. On the other hand, if you are losing they present the price very quickly and also a few pips ahead so that they also earn those pips. This is the main reason why is so hard to make money. They are always widening the gap.

So, when an account is close to have a margin call, trades do not reach the number they are closing the trade matching the one is in the chart.

Also, the price in the charts is not the real price and this is the reason why the brokers have a window to trade against you.

I have been told that the window can easily be 30 to 70 pips in normal market conditions and up to 200 to 300 pips in volatile market conditions. Now, getting into the situations reported by Felix and Rob it goes like this:

Sometimes the program (platform) does not handle the prices as the charts do and as a consequence a real price is reported into the client’s account. Another part of the equation is that a volatile market condition do not necessarily has to happen during news times, they can happen at any time. This is why even though the charts are not showing a 200+ price difference the account’s trade is. Technically, the broker can argue that the price was indeed at that price at that moment but they are bound by the fact that they say the price shown by the platform is the one they honor. On the other hand, they can go to the contract and say they do not have to honor the price because it happened during a volatile market condition.

They win, you lose. They have everything figured out. The only way to bring them down is by public exposure, do not try any other way. If one of the brokers is getting to much public embarrassment they will just go under with everyone’s money. If you happen to have your money in one of them, get it out before they disappear.

Sometimes, the broker will prefer to pay a client his money back instead of going out of business to set it up with another name.

Just 3 months ago I got (a company that exchanged e-gold money) out of business because they took over $1675 dollars from me. I got my money back but the other people they robbed didn’t. Count on me, I will tell you how I did it.

Frank Basten

Track Record of Predictions

I am new to this forum and just watched your video for next week. Have you been keeping track of your predictions in the past, and the accuracy of your results in a spread sheet for us ignoramuses to examine?


Scam Poll

I have replied and entered the scam voting. I personally have not been a victim however, I will do everything that i can possibly do to support Felix and his team. I think this is the best trading provider that i have ever been involved with. Thanks Felix and all of the team and members of the forum. :)
regards Chuck (England):)


Brokers unfaithfullness

Why is it that most brokers with good reputation in the fx market don't accept Nigerians?and personally I am thinking of getting a good and reliable broker as aresult of joining this forum can u please help me out with any?
Just incase there is an answer to this question you can reach me on my e-mail address


Why is it that most brokers with good reputation in the fx market don't accept Nigerians?and personally I am thinking of getting a good and reliable broker as aresult of joining this forum can u please help me out with any?
Just incase there is an answer to this question you can reach me on my e-mail address



Thanks for the signals Man!

I would simply say you seem to understand what you're doing pretty well.Thanks and keep it up.


Keep up the good work Felix

On Monday, the market was not stable, it was flunctuating thru out.

And I lost great a deal of money on Monday, I ignored the Boss signal of no activity on money.

I blamed myself myself for ignoring the warning.

Now you see his signals are the best, Felix keep up the good work, I actually took the day off to attend to other pressing issues, I have not received my signal for today 31st.

Why is it that some brokers don't admit Nigerians, I have to say this, not all Nigerians are fraudulent, most Nigerians that do forex are only looking for a genuine way of making money,they spend a lot of money to get into forex trading, acquiring internet access is not as easy as it is in the US,England, all they need is good advice on how to begin, good orientation infact you will be surprised to know that the awareness now on forex in Nigeria is alarming, they will pay anything even borrow to learn forex. In this part of the world it is not easy th acquire a laptop or a computer compared to other places where you can buy on credit, here you pay in full, please if some leaders are corrupt, it shouldn't trickle down to all Nigerians please, Nigerians are pleasant people. Thank you.


I didn't receive trading signals for Oct. 31, did anyone got it?

Hi: The last email from Felix I received was on Oct. 25 with the trading signals up to Oct. 30, the signals for today Oct. 31 I didn't receive it. I wonder if anyone got it as I don't know if was problem with my email account or he just didn't send it, which in that case he might left a lot of people out there (including me), clueless and wondering how to trade all the important news that were scheduled for today, especially the FOCM rate news. So, anyone knows what happened? Thanks