Forex Trading Signal 11/13/07

Felix Homogratus

Commander in Chief
This is Felix.

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On Friday we had UK Trade Balance and Canadian Trade Balance. I told you if the UK Trade Balance comes out at -7.5 B or more negative, it would be a possible sell on GBP/USD, good for 30 pips in the first 30 minutes of the report. As you could see, the trade balance came out at -7.75 B which hit my trigger. The price opened at 2.1091, and it dropped to 2.1070, and then it completely retraced. It failed to meet our target by 9 pips. If you lost money on this one, I am not surprised. This was a very crappy indicator as it did not work too well.

Then at 8:30 a.m. New York time we had the Canadian Trade Balance coming out. I told you if the trade balance reads at 3.5 B or below, we may see EUR/CAD going up by 50 pips or more in the first hour of the report. As you could see, the trade balance came out at 2.6 B; however, the revision was conflicting: 4.3 B versus 4.06 B last time. This conflict caused a little muted move, and possibly slower move but this report still hit my trigger. The EUR/CAD opened at 1.3800 and it went to 1.3844 within first 15 minutes so it went up about 44 pips instead of 50 pips. It was shy to hit our target partly because of the revision. Nevertheless, I hope you made money on this one because this move happened very slowly, and the price did not move for a while. There were plenty of opportunities to enter very close to pre-release price.

On Monday we did not have anything what I consider tradable.

On Tuesday we are going to have one very interesting indicator coming out.

1. Tuesday, November 13th, 2007 (4:30 a.m. New York Time) UK
At 4:30 a.m. New York time we will have UK CPI. The most important number to watch is the headline number which is actually expected to come out at either 1.9 or 2.0%. If the UK CPI y/y reads 2.1% or higher, I think GBP/USD may possibly go up by 50 pips or more in the first hour of the report. On the other hand, if the CPI reads at 1.8% or below, I think GBP/USD may possibly go down by 50 pips or more in the first hour of the report.

* Report: UK CPI y/y
* Buy on GBP/USD if the number will be 2.1% or higher
* Sell on GBP/USD if the number will be 1.8% or less
* If the trigger is hit, expect 50 pips or more in the first hour of the report.

Be aware of strange price actions at 5 a.m. on EUR/USD because of German ZEW but I would not trade it as I do not think it is worthy to take a risk. Similarly, at 3 p.m. there may be some price actions because of U.S. Pending Home Sales, and later on on New Zealand PPI Input. I would not trade these either.

Well, that's all for tomorrow.

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Thank you very much, and have a nice weekend.

To Our Success!
-Felix Homogratus
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Once again

Thank you Felix, once again as you are giving us the signals for us to be a successful Forex Trader, Success is yours all the days of your life in JESUS NAME.


Werner From SA

Hello Felix
Just watched one of your videos Again.
Thinking a man like you should be praised in public.
The world is a little better off with people that can give without having to receive first. A lesson we learned in South Africa.
Thank you and be blessed.
Werner :D


Hello, since I am new in fundamental trading,
I cannot understand why GBP/USD does not move after the release?
(it moves slowly down although the indicator is clearly positive)

November 13, 2007 4:33 AM Oct UK CPI YoY... actual: +2.1%, consensus: +2.0% Oct UK CPI YoY... actual: +2.1%, consensus: +2.0%
November 13, 2007 4:36 AM British Pound Higher Against Majors Amid CPI Data (RTTNews) - Amid the release of the British consumer price index data for the month of October, the British pound gained against its major counterparts.

Gained? Where?!