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I purchased the ForexTwister Expert Advisor through a link from Forex Twister. I purchased not only the basic EA, but I also paid extra for the Advanced ForexTwister EA. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the end of the buying process, after I had paid for both EAs through ClickBank, I was taken to what was essentially a blank Web page which displayed a "404 Web page not found" error. Therefore, I was unable to download my products.

According a claim on their web site, they promise to respond to support e-mails within 48 hours. So, I immediately e-mailed ForexTwister support at as per the instructions on their web site. I explained my problem to them, and I also included both of my ClickBank receipt codes as proof of purchase. This was on 12/1/2009. After sending this e-mail, I waited 48 hours, but received no response.

So, I e-mailed them again on 12/4/2009. Once again, they did not respond.

Therefore, I e-mailed them for a third time on 12/8/2009. At the time of this writing, after three e-mails, I have received not even one response from them.

I simply want to be able to download the products for which I have paid. So, far I have NOTHING to show for the money I have spent. Of course, I can always get a refund through ClinkBank. ClickBank is very good about issuing refunds. However, I would rather get the products I am due.

At this point in time, I am very frustrated, and I would very much appreciate some assistance from anyone who can help.

Hoping this will help,

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Alway make enquiries first before going into something new is my adivice. If you rush in you will rush out.
Call back your money immediately via Clickbank!!! If an provider of EA´s is not even able to provide a working website, you can be sure the whole thing is scam and rubbish.

By the way, 99 % of the offered EA´s are rubbish anyway.

Take your money and run!

Your Clickbank email should have the link for the download page. If it directs you to a page asking for your email again, you'll probably have to put a different email address this time (if you have one) to get the download. I have this problem a lot. Unfortunately, the previous post is correct. 99% of them are garbage. Check their performance out on forex trading - forex robot - online forex first, but still don't expect the same on your platform. Usually, they are worse, especially over time (they might work for awhile, but expect failure at some time).

I checked out Twister.I thought something was up,when they gave a cut off date for the product,then they dropped the price,i went back to the site after the cut off date & yes the product was still available. One big sales pitch & clever markting
ClickBank is great for getting your money back. I have gotten my money back on Forex apocalypse and most recently Forex-Gforce, which also makes huge claims and within the week I had the product only 1/4 of the trades were profitable, contrary to their promo!
Test all the EA's you want, but if its a Dud, get your money back within a week, thats how I do it. Plus you get to keep the EA, but it doesn't work anyway! LOL
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Had the same problem, with no download page or any responses to emails, Just a waste of time