Forex weekly returns - New HYIP and possible new scam?

This is a series of investigation about companies that are following the same investment pattern, such as lack of regulations, offering +10% ROI per week/life, offering 5 to 10% commission upon new referrals and subsequent new deposits or re-deposits and dealing with brokers which the funding methods and withdrawals are made via e-wallets or processors called payeer, perfect money (PM), bitcoin and so on. Also, investors are encouraged to show proof of payment over the social medias, more details will be followed on each individual thread as history unfolds, stay tuned.

Hi folks, it's time to expose a new type of investment that's currently being advertised over the social media.

First of all, I'm active member of FPA, but to protect the investigation, I won't disclose my real identity.

Basically, it's an investment on the Forex market, where a trader runs an investment fund for the clients.

This is how it works: The clients send the money via e-wallets, such as bitcoin, payeer, perfect money, coinbase, blockchain and so on. The trader receives the funds and trades on the Forex, makes profit and usually each Friday, the clients get paid back to their e-wallet accounts.

This is not the usually funding method that runs around the world, where the investors will look for a managed account, such as MAM or PAMM account, where the investors funds will be held on segregate bank accounts and preferably regulated by financial authorities, such as FCA in the UK, NFA in USA, and very important, sign a LPOA (Limit Power of Attorney), which gives the trader only rights to trade under clients behalf.

This doesn't exist in this type of investment, investors don't hold their money on a segregate bank account and there is no contract between the manager and the investors, everything is based on trust and the investors are encouraged to take a screenshot as proof of payment and post over the social media. Therefore those ones who are still skeptical about it, will see the payouts been made and happy posts all the time, and new investors will come on board.

Also there is a commission structure for referrals paid every week as well, from 5 to 10%.

The main warning I see is the following: All the payouts are manually done and the manager holds the entire capital under his/her name. Do you see the danger behind this? Since the manager holds the entire clients capital, he/she can run away with the investors capital at any time.

Another red alert is the promise of +10% or more weekly returns, some of them are promising this for life.

Some investors are already making plans of how to reach their first Million next year, the initial investment is usually $100,00, since it's a small investment, it's very easy to attract new clients.

Those are the name of the companies currently offering these type of investment:

1) FX10 Investments (+8K members)
2) Forex 50 Investments (1K members)
3) Elite Earners Club (800 members)

and this one already collapsed and scammed over 2K members.
4) T.I.M. Forex

Now it's time to create a individual thread for each one of the companies that are offering these type of services. Where you get more information about it.

You may ask me, why I'm posting direct on the Scam Alerts session instead of the Have your heard about it session?

Well, it's very simple, did you hear about the saying: "If it's too good to be true....

It's not confirmed that is a scam, but the pattern (+10% weekly profits, commission structure, lack of regulations, trust on the investment) keeps increasing and all of a sudden, 3 amazing managers that are capable enough to generate +10% or more per week showed up, it's a lot of coincidence for me to digest and remain silent.

Fell free to comment here or on each individual thread regarding this type of investment.
Thanks for your Work Private Detektiv✌
You're welcome, I appreciate that, if you want, follow me for further updates, since there are now over 10K members across those 3 companies, eventually you will end up with a friend or a family member investing in this type of investment.

They are also talking about how to hide taxes from the government, if you leave in countries such as USA or UK, you have to declare all your earnings, and if you're investing your capital on a managed fund as a citizen of one of those countries, the fund must be regulated, which is not the case. So no wonder it signs me all possible red signals on my head.


Send copies of any such tax evasion discussions to the IRS (and it's UK equivalent). I'm sure they'd be happy to know who's sharing advice about how to break the law, as well as who's asking for the advice.
Send copies of any such tax evasion discussions to the IRS (and it's UK equivalent). I'm sure they'd be happy to know who's sharing advice about how to break the law, as well as who's asking for the advice.
This is a very good point, once the IRS and it's equivalent of the respective countries where investors currently live realise that out of a sudden, a worker that was earning let's say $12K a year, suddenly earned $100K, they will take action. But by now, those type of investments look unstoppable.
Weekly update:

1) FX10 Investments: Capital raised $3.5 Million in 6 months and about 10K members
2) Forex50 Investments: Capital raised: At least $500K in 3 months and about 2K members
3) Elite Earners club: Capital raised: About $1 Million in 6 weeks and about 2K members.

For further information, go ahead and check the respective threads.


Don't forget those are claimed numbers designed to make people think it's a huge, profitable investment. I've seen HYIPS with domain names registered only 2 days earlier claim to have thousands of members and to have already made substantial payouts.
Monthly update:

1) FX10 Investments: Capital raised $7 Million in 7 months and about 13K members

2) Forex50 Investments: Capital raised: Over $1M (but not confirmed) in 4 months and about 6K members (apparently it has just scammed everyone and disappeared)

3) Elite Earners club: Capital raised: $2.4 Million in 10 weeks and about 7K members.

For further information, go ahead and check the respective threads.