Forex1238/Gold Scalper EA/Trader3690


This is a WARNING about this guy (*The King* - what a joke). Forex1238/Gold Scalper EA/Trader3690/Forexcup

There is so much I could write, but I will just put up bullet points:

- He is not what he claims to be
- His signals in the free channel often do not match the VIP
- He often doesn't declare his losses
- Some TPs are so close but the SL is much bigger
- Some of the eBooks he is sharing are copyrighted
- He was exposed as a scammer on ForexFactory
- He has changed his name several times on ForexFactory, so people don't realise it is the same person
- Claims to have found the Holy Grail and made 27 million USD. Really? But he needs to sell signals, EAs etc.
- Most, if not all, of this large accounts are demo
- Some of the trade sizes (lots) compared to the account size do not make sense unless you are in a demo account. Look at the screenshots he posts
- He has blown several accounts
-- I have chatted to several people who he has done this to
-- Initially he will apologise for losses and say "don't worry we will make it up", but then ignores you
- Claims to have over 60 people working for him
- Asks to be paid immediately (in Crypto)
- Has several telegram accounts?
-- See all the links I have posted below - all related to "The King"

- YouTube Channel
-- (trader3690)

- Telegram (forex1238)
-- (FREE)

- Telegram (trader3690)

- Telegram

- Instagram channel

- ForexFactory

Changed his name on FF to Forexcup

- MetalsMine