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these are a bunch of Russians who deliberately spike your trade out . They pretend that they are in India but a track on emails to their support reveals that they are actually in Moscow.

Dear Bill,

This is a lie/misinformation, without any doubt.

First of all, it's easy to verify that Forex4you IS NOT a bunch of Russians - you can visit any of the company's offices - be it Mumbai, Limassol or Kiev. All phone numbers and addresses are given on the website. Yes - there are many Russians in the company, just like at many other brokers (I hope I don't have to list them here).

Second, Forex4you doesn't pretend to be in India - it's only one of the company's offices, and it's responsible for customer support. You can visit our office in Mumbai any day - you are welcome! You can call us and talk in Hindi or Marathi or Bengali or you-name-it to ensure it's not all "Russians" in the office.

Regarding the spikes - it happens VERY rarely that our quote feed provider has spikes. In such cases, our dealing department ALWAYS fixes/compensates the trades. If you had a trouble - contact us any moment, call us 24 hour a day Monday to Friday to solve it.