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Discuss ForexArb.com (Jason Fielder)

General discussions of a financial company


without third party true live test results.... i and thousands of others will not buy.

it just sounds to good to be true.

the broker scumbags will close this hole any minute if there is one on live accounts.

the cost is 2k but you need 6-12 live accounts. so lets be real you would need 14-20k to make this profitable fast before that "hole" is closed.
Yes there are bucket shops that might open live accounts for 250 even 50 bucks but now your trading penny's & dimes. After watching Jason's webinar
we see most wins are 2-3 pips. LOL ok trading micro will take 2 years just to get back your 2k and 6 more months to get back all your account deposits, and
the brokers by then will have closed the hole way before that. Very few brokers don't trade against you, those brokers that (ndd) don't do 50 minim accounts.

so no live statements = no purchase. thats just real, too many scams
live and demo are night an day different
What works in demo almost never works live.

The only person making money are the coders who are selling forexarb and the scumbag affiliates who lie and push scam garbage.
I'm not saying its a scam but the demo version don't allow trades even in demo accounts.
Lets see some Prof before we dump out cash.

ps some one on ff is coding this for free but who knows if that will turn out


i totally agree with tommbstone, i too was very curious 3 weeks ago when i first hear about forexarb, but hey how many other systems have i hear about that ive been curious about which have turned into the same cash cow for the developers and im ashamed to say promotors who have stooped a little low in my opinion. Many questions have yet to be answered in regard to profits to be made in "live accounts" as i among many ran demo accounts (6) and was impressed by the 60pips potential profit. But, sorry your not getting jack from my wallet unless your can provide evidence of good long term profits.. also it seems that this is really targetted at new traders who have hear about making money with forex but dont have the time to educate themselves.
I remember hearing jason say during one of his speiles on video about wanting to be there watching as an excuse for no automating this system..well, come on who are you trying to fool, you have spent so much time and money developing this system that it woundnt take much to automate..really.. come on.., who know who has the automated system of forexarb .. yes you know who, and those who have paid the 2K for the sub standard software have contributed to topping up their accounts. Well, the alarm bells keep going off as my email fills with Jasons messages that time is limited.. hell, i heard that talk some 3 weeks ago.. ok, that me.. i assume we not getting many positive reviews as there are not 20K purchases as we were initially let to believe, i wonder actually how many have fallen for the "very impressive marketing" ... hopefully we will see more reviews from live traders, i wish i could have been one of them, ill stick with momentum trading....



Now its "hurry up and buy" were shutting the door emails. humm.. goggle searches and still find no live test results or rave reviews.
so the people that have bought this are either aren't talking or maybe they are embarrassed? I wish I knew.