ForexArbitrages : Very Suspicious


AthenaFx Representative
I hope all traders and especialliy novice traders will stay out.

The guys at claim that they can turn $5000 into $877,740 in a short time period with their small piece of mq4 code.

They earn so much money that they need you to purchase the $47 EA.

The main difference with other sites is :

1/ They are showing pseudo statement with huge amounts (3 million dollars). much more than usual.

2/ They talk about "arbitrages". However they have not the knowledge and the technology to take advantage of "arbitrages"

3/ It looks like this time they don't have time enough or money to hire an actor and produce a video.

The site is advertised by forexstf. The owner is probably one of the multiple teams that create similar sites week after week.

They really want your money so they have added $50 to the initial 60 day full refund.

As usual, if you want to leave the site then you are offered a $10 discount. So the EA is $37 and may be less in the coming weeks.

I did not use the word "sc..." but i strongly advise to not purchase this EA.

You will save time and money. You will not have to struggle for your refund and you will not have to post the story at FPA.
Must refund

Scam warning signs:
1) Claims of forex arbitrage. Who do these guys think they are? Computer whiz?
2) Multiple upsells, discount $10 when you try to click off the page, other cheap marketing gimmicks, etc
3) Laughable price

Despite all this, if you have purchased (out of curiosity, like I did) get your refund back immediately. They will use some stalling tricks, but keep on blasting refund tickets through Clickbank and they will get the message eventually :)
Why don't they simply say:
Are you suffering losses in trading the forex??
We will pray for your success. Special offer of an all inclusive "prayers session just for you" for your forex success at an incredible discount of only usd47.99
Remember, if you don't don't your success now, you are guaranteed to get it in the next life.

No need for refund and completely no obligation.