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Discuss ForexCashRocket.com

General discussions of a financial company
I bought this a few days after it first came out - both the regular and turbo EAs - and had it running last week on a demo account. There was only one trade made through the Cash Rocket Turbo chart (EUR/GBP) which wound up being a losing trade of over a $100 as it broke the opposite way than what the software intended.

The main problem is that after that first week, I rebooted my PC over the weekend like I always do and after the reboot, the EA disappeared from my MT4 platform. The EA wasn't there any more and while I tried reloading, deleting, reinstalling, etc. and so forth, it refuses to work. The EA simply isn't showing up.

I've tried using it on several different broker demo accounts and the results are all the same ... the EA won't load properly on the MT4 platform, none of them. It comes with an "automatic installer" so I can't load the separate files where they go, and it loads the files into the main folder of the broker's platform, NOT in the experts folder like every other EA I've tried and have. (And yes, I even tried installing the EA into the experts folder with no luck.)

The only response I'm getting back from support is "what broker are you using? We recommend blah blah blah ..." You would think they would want to actually help because if it doesn't work, they have to give me my money back.

Oh well, I'll give it another week and see if I can get any actual "support" from support and see how it turns out ... :err:
I started trading Cash Rocket April 23rd. I use their default settings and their recommended broker. They were very accessible and helpful in getting this account set up. In two weeks the EA has made 9 trades, 5 winners and 4 losers for a total return of 1.7% - not earth shaking but so far, so good. I like the fact that they keep the losses small. If the trade goes against them, they get out unlike some robots that place stops 100's of pips away only to get taken out for huge losses.