The forexconductor service promises that if in 60 days, they haven't won no more than the suscription price and the first monthly fee (122$ + 48$) clients are able to claim a refund.

I've purchased their service and after the first month, losses - 900$, using only their trades at 0.1. So I've stopped it on my demo account because I've found their results on myfxbook.
I've waited one month more to ask refund as their promisses, their results on myfxbook are also bad during the following month.
Over 60 days, the service hasn't won anything, but has big losses.

I've twice asked for a refund with the copy of my statement for one month and the results on myfxbook for the second month.
Now, they refuse to refund even I've send my montlhy report and the myfxbook report who prove their very bad results.

Another point: BEWARE of them, they have no physical adress, just a mobile phone in California (perhaps in San Fernando?)
How did you pay? Credit card via Paypal? Liberty Reserve via some payment processor?

You need to file a complaint with any payment method and payment processor that was involved. Don't wait. Do it now.
Forex Conductor

Patience is required with Forex Conductor
I like many thought about cancelling the service BUT thankfully a massive improvement in the last 3 weeks. It's like a different service. My gains have covered my losses but I did increase my bets as was done on the FOREX VERIFIED SITE. Many would not do this after a long run of losses.

Is it a hard ride. YES but I think a lot of services didn't do real well in the Jan to March 2012 period including MATT SHARP (London) who I respect so I am one of the lucky ones who held his nerve.

I will keep you posted.
FOREX is a very hard game. The World is in a financial mess so it's very hard to predict what is going to happen to the EURO , POUND or US dollar..

best wishes to you all
Phil - Sydney